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Thread: Logisys makes a good case?

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    Logisys makes a good case?

    Well here is something that has surprised me. The case I want to get seems a bit hard to find, the listings on google's shopping function link to sites that say they are out of stock.. so meh... Well I was looking around on newegg, and boom, there is a new case that I have never seen before, and by Logisys!!! Normally they make lots of lighting and other odds and ends for computer modding.. nothing too impressive... But this new case, that they call their "Ikonik RX10" appears to be a high end Full Tower case, with a built in, unique water cooling loop... Heres my problem.

    There is little information on this case, other then its basic stats... Fully Aluminum construction, Full Tower capabilities, Side window, lots of fans(in a unique setup) and even what appears to be a dual radiator full setup. The best site I would suggest to see its stats along with a good amount of pictures would ironically be over at

    Given the quality of their products in the past, just basic stuff, I dont know what to expect of this case. It looks like it has solid construction.. but then again.. its logisys. I cant even find reviews on this case, leading me to assume its been released only for a short while now.

    Does anyone know where I can find a review on this case, or anyone that owns one? I want to know if the dual rads and their "unique" cpu waterblock have any cooling prowess... I am not even sure if your supposed to be able to see THROUGH the fins on a radiator...Not to mention that they appear to be the width of 80mm fans, albeit 4 fans in a row...

    They sure have a unique design going with this case that I actually like the looks of, but I dont want to buy it to find everything fails, or sucks and isnt worth the $400 pricetag. Apparently with one of the two short purchase reviews, the customer complained that it didnt support all E-ATX motherboards, nor did it support any processor other then Intel... which doesnt make sense, since the pictures of the case and its accessories blatantly show multiple pieces of mounting hardware.

    Ah well, if anyone can give me more information on this, or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Logisys makes a good case?

    CPU did a short review of it in June. Maybe this will help. 9a06%2F09a06.asp&guid=

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    Logisys makes a good case?

    Oh for christ sake! I am subscribed to that magazine, and even had the thought, "I wonder if CPU has a review on it... naaaa they couldn't have one already!" and decided at the last second not to check it... Too bad though they didnt check/test the key areas I was worried about... least its new.

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    Logisys makes a good case?

    I've actually used a couple of their lower to mid-end cases and power supplies for a couple of low budget video editing rigs for my Father's Church. The only complaints I have, are that the side panels don't fit quite right, nor do their PCI Slot Screwholes seem to lie in the right spots, making it impossible to screw in expansion cards, without tweaking the case. I can't say whether or not one of these "higher-end" Logysis cases would have similiar issues, but from my past experience with lower offerings of other brands, like Cooler Master, Lian Li, Antec, and so on, they don't seem to have those tiny problems.

    However, this may be their attempt at providing a better end product. It's just always hard for a company that produces cheaper components to break into a higher echelon, battling the reputation they've already established. Like I said though, I have no first-hand knowledge of their higher-end cases, but judging from the quality I've seen, I'd just rather stick to better know, and possibly higher-quality brands.

    Perhaps you could order it, and if it turns out to be riddled with flaws, send it back. 8-)

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    Logisys makes a good case?

    Ahh forgot to keep things up to date here, real life having some problems so yea..

    As far as how this case works out, its great! Plenty of room, no trouble with installation of anything. As far as the slots in the back and being able to screw in the cards fine... Only one screw hole had questionable threading, since my screw didnt go instraight, but thats a normal thing. This case has a screw less lock in mechanism that clamps down over the edge of the pci cards, where the screws would normally go... This is actually not compatable with all PCI expansion cards..The part that goes over the part of the pci cards where you screw in the mounting screws has a lip, that if the card doesnt give you space, it wont fit. I have to keep mine open and use the screws, but thats no biggie.

    The only other thing that may irritate someone, the Power LED lead that you connect to your mother board is standard side by side pin arangement. [..] BUT, my ASUS MAximus iii Motherboard's Power LED connecter is for the type of lead that is bigger, [. .] It spans three pins on a normal motherboard, with space for one more between. I had to bend the pins a bit to fit the smaller case power led connecter to make a contact. No biggie, too lazy to get a adapter or rewire it myself.

    Lets see....The included fan controller, which is called the SIM... Is a bit awkward. First you have to chose between either connecting to it via a USB port, which means you have to route a cable from the SIM to the outside of the case to a open USB port. OR, you have the choice of a cable that goes from the SIM, to a 4x1 pin USB connector on your motherboard. Being that I was not familiar with how that works on motherboards, I decided to just go with the external option.

    All in all, fan controller (SIM) works good. Dont know what is power output capabilites are, as in if I have more room to isntall better/more powerful fans or not. The pump is also connected, controlled, and monitored from the SIM as well. Once you have the SIM program running, you can change the pump's output speed(even turning it off) As well as the other fans. It will show RPMS and have an alarm if the RPMs (by default) drop below 500. Also, once connected and placed, has temp probes that you can have alarms set to, which by default is set to 50 degrees.

    The fans themselves, are white and have 4 blue LEDS. Just basic fans, the LEDs arent impressive. With how they are mounted, you can easily change the LED color to your choice. I noticed that there was discoloring between the LEDs, some dimmer then others, some giving off a different blue then others. Not sure how its connected, havent looked, but apparently the sim has the option to turn on and off the LEDs by a push of a button in the program. Handy option.

    Pump wise, not sure of the output, no real information I can find on it. What I do know is that the pump performs, and has a fluid level alarm. When i first turned on the pump without fluid, checking power connectivity, the little window on the pump/tank box(shown in pictures) went from the normal solid blue light(norm operation) to a flashing red, accompanied by a loud beeping tone. I dont know at what level of fluid alarm goes off..But at least if you have a failure you will know it.

    Need to take care of a few things, so thats all for now.

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