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Thread: Fun at QuakeCon 2010!

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    Fun at QuakeCon 2010!

    Had a great time at QuakeCon 2010 this weekend, my first time ever there.

    Got to meet AmericanFreak, Tazz, Xcalibur & Tech-Daddy!

    Was impressed with the event, more so because it was free!

    Saw many cool things, both available and soon to be on market, and saw more of my share of interesting folks (nothing like a gathering of gamers to give you some sights!)

    Although i didn't win one of the 2 2010 Shelby GT's they GAVE AWAY ... i still had a great time and left the impression that I'm ready for the next one!

    Good folks, good times, good venue, if you haven't ever attended on, give it a thought, you won't be disappointed.

    Now, i need to find somewhere i can buy some Left Hand Milk Stout, and I'll be all set! :mrgreen:

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    Fun at QuakeCon 2010!

    Had a great time, and I do hope that Xcalibur and you both had a good time. Next time we will get it planned out a little sooner so we can work in some more fun.

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    Fun at QuakeCon 2010!

    I had a blast at Quakecon 2010. I would have to say however, that meeting all you guys was indeed the highlight of the trip.

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    Fun at QuakeCon 2010!

    Yes it was a great time and make sure that you check out our videos at the Modders-Inc Youtube channel.

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