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Thread: Prepare to feel inadequate !

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    Prepare to feel inadequate !

    Greetings to the forum.

    I have seen some awesome case mods and cool builds but THIS takes the crown. I think this
    guy has waaaaaaay to much time on his hands. Awesome engineering, obviously German !!

    Check this out .... and prepare to feel inadequate, or weep as I did !

    Cheers, busterbvi

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    Prepare to feel inadequate !

    WOW...I think someone might work a machine shop... ;-)

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    Prepare to feel inadequate !

    Yeah... stumbled into that late last night.... did not know if I was asleeep and dreaming or if it was real! Looks like it was real!

    Freaking AMAZING!

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    Prepare to feel inadequate !

    that is amazing! The waterblock work is incredible. I don't really care for the final fin product though.

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    Prepare to feel inadequate !

    I spotted this one about 2 or 3 weeks ago but never saw the work log. Great find busterbvi. I really want to know how that CPU water block performs! Amazing!

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    Prepare to feel inadequate !

    Looks like hotlinking from the site is disabled.

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