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Thread: Bonding Acrylic seams and corners?

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    Bonding Acrylic seams and corners?

    I have just started to use acrylic plastic sheets (plexiglass) a bit here and there where previously i had only been using aluminum and steel and i have a question regarding piecing things together.

    My current project involves building a custom hard drive enclosure. This box will hold 8 standard 3.5" SATA hard drives, a Powersuply and a fan, leaving enough room for the wiring to be channeled in from the outside and clamped into place on the enclosure's floor.

    I will use screws to mount the hardware inside the enclosure but given i am using clear plexiglass to build it i do not want to use screws/braces to hold together the box itself. looking around i have found 3 possible ways putting together the external box:

    1) Polycarbonate Adhesive
    2) Solvent Cement
    3) Epoxy Resin

    The bond has to be strong and ridged, the case is a decent size to hold that many drives so structually it absolutly has to hold and not wobble. This will be in a place where many other people have access all the more reason why it needs to be a solid hold.

    So my question is, has anyone used any of these in their work and can recommend one or the other to me? keeping in mind ease of use is a +, but strength and a ridged bond are my #1 by a long shot


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    Bonding Acrylic seams and corners?

    they do make a Acrylic Glue for this purpose . I have personally used Fiber Glass Resin , Epoxy , even Super Glue Gel to hold the sides up with . Acrylic glue is the best option , Resin second Best option , and Epoxy being the third best , While Super Glue is at dead last ( this option is for those quick fixes , or things where strengh is not a needed option ie. fan shrouds , Fan grills things of this nature )

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    Bonding Acrylic seams and corners?

    Weld-On #4 is your friend. It melts the two peices together basically. It works best if the two bonding pieces are the same material..IF they are it bonds really good. If done properly the finished pieces will essentially become one piece.

    The best method to this is to have a clean edge. Sanded or milled. The smoother the better. As cracks and dips prevent the two pieces from touching and therefore bonding. You then take a Needle and squeeze a small amount into where the two pieces connect. (the liquid is like water so it should just run right in) then you want to apply a lot of pressure, Preferable a clamp and let it sit for a while. Usually after 10-20 minutes the bond should be set.

    The second option I use is the Acyrlic two part epoxy. This is decent for attaching larger peices together but not smallers end seams.

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