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Thread: Aero Case Mod/Scratch Build

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    Aero Case Mod/Scratch Build

    This was my first major case mod, approx. 2 years old now but I was asked to join and mention this on here through the twitter channel, so here it is:
    It's a 100% handbuilt aluminium mesh/various colours of acrylic media centre case.....thing
    That's my website, seeing as I already had a copy of it up there I didn't see the point recoding all my links to paste it here etc.
    Hope you like it!

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    Aero Case Mod/Scratch Build

    It's a really sweet build. Glad you joined!

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    Aero Case Mod/Scratch Build


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    Aero Case Mod/Scratch Build

    i cant see the link...i think it is broken...

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