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    Micro Center

    So, I interviewed. Their pay system is retarded. Here's the breakdown:

    You get $4 per hour!!

    Whatever you sell you get commission. I would be working with parts only. Not per-built desktops and lappys.

    Say you sell a motherboard, processor and sound card.

    You get 1.5% commission on the highest dollar line item. In this case it would be the processor.

    You then get 2.5% for each attached item.

    Then you receive 10% on service plans.

    The sales manager claimed that his average employee makes $10 PER HOUR after all the commissions. Some employees make $13.

    Every employee apparently carries stickers in their pocket with info that relates to them on it. When you buy something with an employee nearby, they put their sticker on it. When you get rung out, the cashier sees who's sticker you have and makes sure that employee gets credit.

    I'm sure that 90% of people walk in, grab what they want and leave without ever talking to an employee.

    The interview was OK. I brought a few magazines I've been in to show them and they did seem fairly impressed. Afterwards I had to take a 40 question test. There were questions like "What's the speed of USB 2.0?" or "Is PCI-E serial or parallel?" It wasn't that hard, except for the 3 Apple questions where I literally guessed the answers.

    The store doesn't open till 10 a.m. which is great for me because I'm in charge of getting the kids up in the morning and on the bus. I can't get there till 9 a.m. at the earliest. There's the problem. I would be expected to be there at 7, because of freight and setting displays. I cannot get there that early. I'll let them know of my hours I can work and if they don't like it, then I guess I won't be getting the job

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    Micro Center

    Damn. I worked at a very similar store a couple years ago. I think the interview consisted of "do you think you could sell stuff?" - and that's about it.

    We had a very odd commission thing too. Every single item had a set commission that changed almost every day. The most expensive product didn't always have the best commission, and some even had non at all, it was kind of random. So basically the salespeople quickly checked the inventory in the morning to figure out what to try and push. It was kind of nice though because I was usually able to pick a good item for various price categories and actually try to get costumers something appropriate for there needs.

    We got our commission by having to print the customer out quotes when they were done helping them. I usually made people happy so it wasn't a problem, and if they had stuff unclaimed I'd usually just ask them if I could add it on, lol.

    What made me really feel like a dick though was when you see a person walk up and get a huge order on there own without any help. This one time I couldn't resist when a woman just walked up to a display and loaded her cart with about 10 large external hard drives. I think the commission was something like $7 each. At first she was like wtf and a little annoyed, but ended being cool. It was definitely worth $70 or so.

    I think I averaged about $13-15/hr. You know what your doing too so I'm sure you'll do well. Hope it works out for you and make sure to use up your employee discount!

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    Micro Center

    Good luck man! I am not a sells type of person and would probably end up paying to work there ;-)

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    Micro Center

    Good Luck GS, in this economy you might have to take what you can get for right now.
    I don't see this mess getting cleared up for about 7 years. If memory, civics and economic classes serves me right, we're right back in a 1973 condition and it took us about 7 years to get out after the Nixon debacle.

    Hopefully you'll do well at the job and like it enough to stick with it for a while but sales aren't everyone's forte. Best of luck to you man.

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    Micro Center

    I have interview with ADT on Tues too

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