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Thread: Project Vulcan

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    Project Vulcan

    Project Vulcan

    This will be my main Gaming rig that travels to about 10-12 lan parties a year. It a micro atx case theme Black and Orange,

    Some of my concerns was the dual 120 radiator. it doesnt fit any where in the case. not yet any ways (dremal time). Air flow was another concern. But i finally came up with a pretty simple solution, mount the raditor on the botton and have air blowing in from the top and through teh bottom. The Mb has been staying at a pretty constant 30c on the test bench for about a month. I will aslo be adding soem arylic ilumminated panels and case feet.

    I am pushed on time on this one and have about 10 days to complete before I take it to a Lan party on the 11th . So get ready for metal & plastic to fly !!!!

    Part list

    1 NZXT Vulcan Case

    1 EVGA Micro atx Sli MB
    2 EVGA GTX 280s
    1 Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition
    1 Cooler Master 1000w Slient PS
    4 XIGMATEK Case Fans orange and white leds
    1 DD- Stealth GTS 240 Black Ice Radiator
    1 DD-Single 5 1/4" Bay Reservoir
    1 DD-CPX-Pro 12V Pump
    1 LG DVD rewritable.
    1 Mod/Smart Supreme System Sleeving Kit - Black
    1 Mod/Smart 20 Station LED Board - Base w/ 10x LEDs - Orange Base / Amber Switch / Amber LEDs
    1 Logisys 4" Dual Cold Cathode Kit - UV
    1 Feser One Orange coolant
    1 Orange Tubing
    12 3/8” by 5/8” compression fittings
    1 TDX CPU block with Orange top

    Update #1
    Disassemble the Vulcan Case

    Needed to make room for the Rad

    Well My wife told me to move all this stuff to the garage

    But i didnt have any benches

    So i went to the lumber yard picked up some wood Saturday
    and built 2 new ones

    the parts started to arrive.
    One awesome Custom TDX CPU block from Danger Den

    Some really cool Xigmatek Fans

    A little test Fit
    wow that aint going to work (lol)

    Time to get the dreamal out

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    Project Vulcan

    Update 2#

    Making the first Cut for the Rad

    Came out nice and Clean

    Cutting out the botton for rad air flow

    a little dusting but came out great

    Test Fit

    Looking good so far

    More cuts on the front bezel to make room for the rad

    made a small cut on the MB support for wire managmnet and room for the rad

    break !!!! lol

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    Project Vulcan

    lunch break is over
    Side panal I didnt like the mesh

    So lets remove it , it left some nice scratches on the side

    Few new cuts for the new panel

    Pretty clean so far

    u channel even makes it better

    Very Happy !!!

    Lets go cuts some plexi!!!

    Lets add a little something

    A steady hand

    I am not confendent with my sand blasting yet, so the hand ecting will have to work

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    Project Vulcan

    Update 3#
    Case feet & Sleeving
    Sunbeam case feet

    What the hell are you doing !!!

    I have a little differnt vision than the originals

    More on this later but here a little peek


    Why such a ugly blue !!!!

    Prepping the Bench for 09/08

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    Project Vulcan

    Another update from the past week.

    Back on the case feet

    adding the leds

    Lights on

    lights off

    add the led to the side panel

    lights off

    another test fit

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    Project Vulcan

    great job on the etching!

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    Project Vulcan

    Thank you !!!

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    Project Vulcan

    Looking great buddy.

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    Project Vulcan

    Excellent job there mate! Great use of light and making the feet *pop*!

    Etching is well done too!

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    Project Vulcan

    Very nice, good work. That thing looks really cool with the lights on.

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