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Thread: Modders Inc Flyer/ magazine idea.

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    Modders Inc Flyer/ magazine idea.

    So i was doing some reading around the forum and noticed that poeple want to get noticed for builds or sponsored for builds they want to do. Well i was thinking and im just throwing it out there as an idea. Would it possible for a spot in CPU mag for the Mods found in Modders Inc, or maybe making flyers for larger magazine companys.
    Or have a Modders Inc bi-monthly Magazine that people can sign up for. It would be really nice to have a lot of these builds noticed weather there known modders or a modder that can out of the dark.

    Either way i think this would be a great way to get noticed for MI and local mod builders.

    Share your ideas on this, like i said im just throwing it out there.

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    Modders Inc Flyer/ magazine idea.

    Actually CPU does graze the forums here for mods...

    I have been "working" CPU for our own spot for a while now :-)

    I bi-monthly mag.... hmmm know of an editor ;-)

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    Modders Inc Flyer/ magazine idea.

    Lol i met for this topic to be in the "general forum area" oops

    But on the topic...

    CPU mag has some great info and have been picking up a few of there mags when i find articles i like, but if Modders Inc had there own mag i would defiantly pick it up, reasons being: Great mods from people all over the world and here in North America, maybe news of what is happening with the computer world example: AMD, Intel, and Thermaltake just to name a few. Other topics could be reviews of hardware, free software, contests and shows around the world to get people from all over to take interest in the mag.

    For me i would like to see many of those topics in a mag. You know even if it were a 10 page mag/ flyer to start off just to get people into it and move on from there. I think it would be a great way to get people to the site and to the forums of Modders Inc.

    My self i would love to contribute to this site and writing short to mid size news articles just because i read whats happening anyways, so it would be great practice to build up to something more.

    Either way you have my support in what ever way you take this site into the future. I enjoy all the mods weather they be small or large builds, i find them all very interesting.

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