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Thread: Compatible Hardware???

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    Compatible Hardware???

    Ok so i've got a friend that needs a computer and i just want to make sure that my hardware is compatible with everything. I have done the research on the hardware and find that it should be the best for the money.

    If you find something better for the money then please post but keep in mind that this build is on a strict budget and that i live in Canada.

    Important features that i need are HDMI output and CPU unlock.

    Here is a photo of what i have:

    If you see anything i missed that i should have, please let me know as this will be my first build.

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    Compatible Hardware???

    look all good to me....making a HTPC?

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    Compatible Hardware???

    Yeah my buddy wants to be able to watch high-def movies, and browse the internet. So i've convinced him to go this way, seeing how you can unlock the cores in the BE and having the option to OC if he wants. Also with the blu-ray drive makes it that much better. 8-)

    But if you say its all good then i will tell him. Its always good to get a second opinion. Thanks AF, its much appreciated.

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