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Thread: New Modder Here!

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    New Modder Here!

    How are you all doing? My name is Trevor, aka "Trevtastick." Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself.

    I'm not an "pro" case-modder by any means, but I've always enjoyed it ever since I built my first PC, and didn't realize there were others that enjoyed it as well. I also didn't know until recently that there were actually communities based around it. I've never been much of a gamer per se, but Modding is something that intrigues me, and allows me to unleash my creativity.

    The past couple of years I've only been able to really do some basic modding, as I didn't have the resources I once had, but as of now I'm a little more stable, and have access to all the tools I need. I'm currently working on a very complex Case Mod based off of an older case I have, a Cooler Master Stacker 810, which when I'm done working on, will hopefully inspire some others to venture deeper into the more "artistic" side of Modding.

    I'm currently teaching myself "proper" Painting technique, as I recently purchased a Paint Gun. However, I would say I am a "Rattle Can Master" as I can coax a "show quality" finish out of spraypaint, but there is WAAAY too much sanding involved.

    Anyways, I plan to start posting a worklog sometime in the near future. I've got to source out a new panel for the Stacker, as the person who owned it before me did some of his own "case modding," and even though I was able to smooth out some of his cuts, and make them bearable to the eyes, there's some of the Panel I actually need now.

    Sorry for the blabbering! I plan to stick around and learn from all of the wonderful modders in this community!


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    New Modder Here!

    Welcome to Modders-Inc, we look forward to seeing more on Stacker 810 mod.

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    New Modder Here!

    Welcome I hope you find this place as good as I have

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    New Modder Here!

    Welcome to Modders-Inc and we are happy that we have a rattle can master. There is always a need to help others that are getting started with this art.

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