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Thread: Over clocking

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    Over clocking

    I'm new to certin things about computers can someone point in a direction for learning the basics of overclocking and how it works. thanks

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    Over clocking

    well, there are plenty of computer training modules online..

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    Over clocking

    Google "overclocking beginners guide" and several guides will be listed.

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    Over clocking

    Here is a site that has MULTIPLE sites explaining OC AMD processors

    This Site....

    Or like Tazz said google it. It can be a bit of a task explaining everything that goes along with OverClocking, its better to find pre-written guides. It can be a bit daunting at first but it will come in time.

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    Over clocking

    THanks for the information

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    Over clocking

    Another forum I frequent, which you might take a look at is

    Very active forum, with lots of knowledgeable users. I have lots of experience with both Intel and AMD Overclocking, so if you ever have any questions here, I'm sure myself and a lot of others can help you.

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