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Thread: Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    i working now for some time already on my case mod,

    This build is made possible by and thanks to Aquatuning

    Xtreme Case Mods


    Cooler Master


    what i make from this :

    i made this :

    and now i'm building the cooling in it, it looks like this how it is now :

    I was in hospital for 1 month, and long time sick home, but now i am busy again on the mod :

    Boreas chiller :

    [ram] [/ram]

    [ram] [/ram]

    today only change the power for the led's in the Corsair HX1000 psu what i made see tru,
    and put the first led's in the 5mm fan shroud for the boreas chiller :


    De Boreas Chiller :

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    today received 3 packages, so work again on the parts and case, the boreas chiller is finished, no to the Freezone Elite and Freezone V1. :

    new TEC plates in tha house, so now i can finish the Freezone V1 cooler :

    the psu painting in black , de thermaltake for the TEC's :

    the Coolit Boreas is finished, now the dual bay psu and the rest of coolers :

    De thermaltake dual bay psu is also finished, pianted outside black, and inside silver for putting the light nice out,
    only the psu front i need to put back :

    painted because it looked like this in gold :


    Koolance TMS-200 with expansion board modding :

    I got some connector to short, need to order more

    i customized the 3D fangrill so it fits on my Coolit Boreas Chiller :

    This was how it looks standard :

    And after the adjustment, who see the difference ???? lol :tong:

    And this is how it going to fit in black and red on the Chiller :

    Mounting for the Boreas Chiller made, was first the HDD trays.
    Now made mat black acryl with behind the mounting plates for the boreas chiller.
    And still need to finish it nice off and put holes for the cables of the boreas :

    this is the difference of size between my old skulltrail (intel skulltrail D5400XS) and my current new one SR-2 5520 :

    Now i made new holes for the motherboard spacers, and put tread in it for the spacers :
    All nessesairy screws of the motherboard just fit nicely on the tray :
    now only need the dangerden 10 PciE slot IO-shield :

    And changing the backplates to for the Koolanc 360 blocks on cpu's :

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    Here's the 3d fan grill in primer with the adjustments for a little more airflow, ready to sand again :

    the mounting for the Boreas chiller is ready exept for the holes to put the wires and tubing tru :

    fan grill got it first paint job , is get dry now :

    and the front plate for the drive bays has a primer :

    and first paint job in mat black (just fresh, needs to dry) :

    Little update,

    Coolit Freezone Elite is ready to and cpu's are on the mobo ,

    And here are some pics of the total view :

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    allmost finished, just have to make it nice :

    Two Koolance 360 rev1.1 , and Koolance SR-2 Classified full cover block are arrived :

    after received it, let's open up the full cover block SR-2 and change it a little bit :

    a lot of sanding it to get the nickel of it, and then the first layer of primer :

    first layer mat black is on, tomorrow sanding it and paint it the last time for finishing touch,
    after when it's dry mount the block again and put it on the motherboard :

    SR-2 full cover block is ready and mounted :

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    holy shiz this is awesome. Loving what your doing so far.

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    thanks, next update will be normaaly next week.

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    Freakin' Awesome man!!

    Sick for a month, you OK now?

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    was 1 month in hospital, and now i'm already for 2 months sick home, and 1month to go before i go working again, so i have plenty of time to work on my setup.

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    Chiller's Hybrid Level 10 + SR-2

    pics of what i did today :

    from this :

    i made these, and a little bit more, only waiting for a new shipment of red connectors :

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