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Thread: Wood Stove mod (Video up)

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Well I didn't worry about getting the little pin installed but I did get a little wiring done. I hate wires everywhere and so I always make everything as hidden as possible. I spent about 8 hours cutting wires to length, soldering, shrink tubing, and sleeving. It takes a long time to do it right but it's worth it. The only thing with this case is that I'll hardly ever pop the back open but at least I'll know it looks good.

    I did something really different for the sleeves. I thought since it's a plain black wood stove that it needed a few blingy parts. So I opted for some real stainless steel sleeving. It looks really awesome and goes great against the black.

    It's hard to see in the pics, but it looks pretty cool. It will be very carefully routed since it is metal. I just love pushing my luck :P

    I mounted the monitor and plugged off the holes using some rubber stoppers.

    Much cleaner!

    I mounted the monitor control panel under the front lip of the front bezel. You cannot see it when looking straight at the stove. The reset button and the HDD activity light can be seen over on the right. It was going to be the power button but I had a hole in the back I drilled earlier by mistake and the "real" power button fit in it perfectly.

    Here's a pic of the bottom panel near the back. It shows the power button mounted and it shows the USB ports and the Ethernet port. It looks a little crappy in the pic but it's not bad at all in person. I will be touching it up however because now it's bugging me. I don't want it looking hacked up.

    I'm pretty close to getting hardware put back in it. Then I have to work on the back panel which should be easy and I have something special in mind for the top. I've been working hard on something for it that will be awesome if it works the way I want. 8)


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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Kind of surprised you didn't use a wireless internet card. Any reason you didn't?

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Kind of surprised you didn't use a wireless internet card. Any reason you didn't?
    I have many, many ports in my office for wired. I have no use for wireless. Except that it would be one less wire sticking out the back of the case. I can always add one later.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Yeah, I figured you would use a wireless since you were trying to make it look clean with few wires but whatever works.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Big update time!!

    I got quite a bit done and I will be revealing the big secret I've been keeping. I like to keep some things quiet as long as possible for some extra wow factor. :P

    I was working on making a way to eject the hidden slot drive and now it's ready and working great. The slot drive was acting screwy because the screws I used were barely too long and made contact with the mechanism inside. Easy fix. Special thanks to Boddaker for letting me pick his brain on this thing since he always uses them.

    So anyway, I used a small brad nail, cut it to length, painted it black, and used it for a hidden button in the front grill.

    Do you see it??

    How about now??

    Nobody will ever know it's there. Well, except all of you. :wink:

    So it has the hardware back in,

    I loaded the operating system, updated all drivers, etc, etc. Then I decided to do a video stress test just to see what this little thing could do. It really wasn't that great. I am used to a high end gaming rig, this only managed to hit 32 fps on CS:Source. :shock:

    That just won't do. This will not be a big time gaming machine but come on! We need better than that!

    So, I rummaged around in my spare parts and found a Palit 8800 GT - 1 gig video card. And since the board does have a PCI-e slot it would be a shame to leave it empty.

    Aahhh, much better! I re-ran the test and it pumped out an average of 122 fps. Now we are talkin!! Minesweeper and Solitaire have never looked so good :wink:

    Also, there was a huge hint in that picture of what I'm about to reveal....did you see something?

    But first....

    I needed a hole to run the monitor power cord through the bottom of the case. I found a spot right next to the PSU so they can be next to each other..

    Have you ever tried putting a square block in a round hole??

    It doesn't work.....or does it??

    You just make the square a little rounder that's all..

    So I ran the cord through and also fed it through the grommet that's going in the new hole.

    That will work great!

    Ok you've waited long is the big deal......

    A bunch of parts -

    to make a -

    Where else would the airflow exit the case?!

    So here is the story with the chimney.

    It will allow the air to exit out of it.

    It will have a few LED lights inside that will work with the HDD activity indicator to give it a flickering effect. So it will look like a real fire is inside and the glow is coming up the chimney.

    side note: Santa will be so screwed if he goes down this chimney.

    It will also have real smoke that comes out of it to make it look like the real deal!!

    Ok so that's a lot of excitement for one day....I have more done but you can wait. I'm tired. 8)

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    It will also have real smoke that comes out of it to make it look like the real deal!!
    Hopefully you aren't letting out the MAGIC SMOKE?

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Ohhhhh dude, this is magical! Very nicely done!

    Loving the chimney! I got a good chuckle out of the taped on "WTF??!?" moment with one of the holes! HEHEHEHEHE!!!

    Nicely done!


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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Thanks guys

    It will hopefully just be regular smoke. Not magic smoke, and certainly not "hardware burning up smoke", I hope.

    @tech-daddy -

    Glad you got a laugh cuz I wasn't.. It turned out fine because I just used it for the power on button. So I was able to peel the "WTF mistake" tape off. :P I had left it on there for a while to punish myself.

    I may have another update tonight since I already had more done and then I have some paint drying right now.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Making the chimney.

    I am using some plastic pipe/fitting for the main chimney. I decided to use that because it's cheap, easy to cut, and comes in lots of sizes. It's also easy to glue to, and you can drill holes easy, etc. The only downside is that it's not that pretty.

    I took some 600 grit and wet sanded the pieces to make them smooth.

    This is the stuff to use for plastics. It holds great. It's used in the auto industry to change complete interiors to a different color so it has to work good.

    All painted. This is more of the look I wanted.

    Time to make a hole in the top.

    I'm making a short base piece that will mount to the top of the case permanently.

    Looks like a nice fit.

    Now I can just take the chimney portion and set it on here or take it off when needed.

    The chimney cap was ok but not great so I thought I would spruce it up a little. I thought the middle section needed a little different look. I took some aluminum perforated metal and made a band to go around the mid section.

    It looks good but I still think it needs something. Contrast. I'll paint it black!

    I picked up this awesome (and expensive) etching primer that will cover just about any metal and really hold good. You can even use it on galvanized steel.

    Some primer - some paint and boom!

    This looks way nicer.

    I think the contrast really looks good when it's assembled.

    I wanted to have a little light inside the chimney that would flicker and simulate light from a fire inside the stove. So I wired the HDD activity lead to a super bright red LED and ran it up the chimney. It works ok but I can see I need to add in some yellow or orange. So I'll run a string of LED's and get them installed for the next update. It flickers really good though.


    My goodies arrived for making smoke. I thought I would use the smoke setups for hobby trains. They run on low voltage and should run off the PSU. The one I ordered is made for a chimney of a building that you would have as part of a neighborhood in a model train setup.
    It turned out to be waaaaayyyy smaller than I thought.

    I tried it out and was not impressed. In fact it was a big waste of money. It just won't do what I need. So, back to the drawing board. I have an idea to build my own but I'm running out of time.

    It's coming along pretty good in general. I'll get the LED's Monday and make up my own smoke generator. That should be interesting. :P

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    After thinking about the red light in the chimney some more I definitely need it to be yellow. Fire looks more yellow when it flickers. So I swapped it out and I am much happier now.

    Time for smoke!!

    I stopped off at the local electronics store and picked up a few things.

    Like a mad scientist I rolled my hands together in anticipation of this creation. It will be the best smoke making gadget ever devised!

    I got my parts sorted. Busted out the Dremel, marked the holes, and let'er rip!

    I made a little chimney to focus the smoke upward. The fan will blow air into the box forcing the smoke out.

    I wired in 2 connectors to hang on to some wire I found inside my wifes hair dryer. (Don't tell her I took it}
    I wrapped it around some fire proof rope, dropped some smoke oil on it, and poof!

    I tested it with a spare power supply and used the wires for a fan hookup for my power source. The wire gets orange quick and makes it smoke A LOT. I might have to tone it down a little.

    All put together and looking nice..

    I installed it at the top so it could point out the chimney by making a bracket.

    I tried the top and it fits perfect. I can't believe how smoothly this mod is going.

    I plugged it in to the red/black wires for less amperage to cut down on smoke but it just didn't make enough to shoot out like I wanted. So I decided to plug it back in to the yellow/black to get more juice.

    I had a friend come over and he was checking it out so I showed him the whole mod and he thought it was awesome. Then I showed him my smoke machine and decided to do a "full burn" on this baby and see how much smoke I could get.

    It was really really smoking good and we were like wow this is awesome.

    And then we were noticing you could just see the glow from inside due to how hot the wire gets.

    And then...we realized it was ......

    ON FIRE!!!!!

    I was able to act quick and get it back off without doing any damage to anything else. The Modding Gods were looking over me for sure.

    It appears that the "Fire Proof" rope....isn't!

    I am so pissed. :evil:

    I will be doing "Smoke Box part 2" tomorrow. After I simmer down a little. No pun intended :wink:

    I realized that when I did my full burn that I had not turned the little fan on, which most likely let everything get a little too hot. Also, a "full burn" maybe isn't the best idea unless I want a "Complete Full Burn" as in total meltdown of the entire mod.

    I wanted realism, but damn, that was too real. :shock:

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