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Thread: TMB Podcast with American Freak and MI-Tazz!

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    TMB Podcast with American Freak and MI-Tazz!

    Host: Bill Owen
    Co Host and Producer: Jeremy Birch
    Guests: Dewayne Carel, and Tony Day.

    Streaming on Mnpctech or or subscribe in iTunesDownload MP3

    Bill starts this episode with an interview with Dewayne Carel (American Freak) and Tony Day (MI-Tazz) from Modders-Inc. The panel speak about many different subjects, from the current Modders-Inc contest to a follow up on DCMM. We then covered the normal "What the Hell", "Featured Worklog" and "Q&A" sections. Pictured is Tony Day's (aka MI-Tazz) Green Flame PC, his Worklog Link

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    TMB Podcast with American Freak and MI-Tazz!

    It was a great time on the show as we returned the favor of Bill being on our Modders-Inc Podcasts

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    TMB Podcast with American Freak and MI-Tazz!

    It's always a good time talking Case Mods with you guys. Thanks again for being our Guests!

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    TMB Podcast with American Freak and MI-Tazz!

    It was definitely our pleasure Bill. Look forward to the next time we all get to sit down and chat .

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