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Thread: Aw helll.... need suggestions please?

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    Aw helll.... need suggestions please?

    Hey everyone -

    Last night as I was parting out Deuce (RIP buddy, you've been a good puter...) and doing the "good owner" thing, I was pulling apart the water loop, and disassembling the pumps/reservoirs/water blocks and taking the barbs through a good cleaning.

    I actually researched how people did the process, and what they used, so I was using distilled white vinegar and distilled water.

    My barbs had need of significant cleaning, so I left them in a glass bowl of vinegar overnight (again, spomething that I read online about people doing with their metal parts of the loop)....

    Well, I awoke this morning, (6.5 hours after leaving the parts in the bowl) only to find that the vinegar has removed weak spots on the plating!


    All of my barbs that were simply dirty, now are needing to be replated since I apparently should NOT have put them in that bowl that long, and every one of hte barbs has plating damage.

    I've already given all the pieces several good rinses, and left them in a bown of distilled water, and the mistake has been made... no going back now. ops: :roll: :twisted: :evil:

    What I am looking for from you guys is, "Does anyone have any experience with getting barbs replated??"

    Has anyone been through this process and can you offer up any suggestions?



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    Aw helll.... need suggestions please?

    Unless they are a one-off custom piece i think you would be better off to just buy new ones. A plater would have to remove all the old stuff, acid bath it and then put nickel on it. If you want it chrome then they would have to plate the chrome over the nickel. This would the right way to do it, but there might be a short cut to get the same results.

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