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Thread: Dell of Doom

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    Dell of Doom

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading my computer and the last of my dell will be gone once and for all. But senior gave me an idea for a mod which i plan on doing once i get all my tools again, hopefully that will be in august. Anyways i plan on doing the "Dell of Doom" mod. So if you have any ideas for this that would be great. *cheers*

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    Dell of Doom

    Well you can start by actully putting some quality parts in the case, something the cases dont come with stock

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    Dell of Doom

    Got a pic or a link to one? If it's got the big stamped DELL on the side then paint the letters and have them drippin blood over the "of Doom".

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    Dell of Doom

    i heard we are gonna have a motherboard burning ceremony when you come down! cant wait for that!

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    Dell of Doom

    Well i want to start with your everday run of the mill dell case. My old one well... it met my dremel so it was no longer stock. So gonna use a stock case. kinda like this one

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    Dell of Doom

    Well have some sweet doom-ish creatures on the side, maybe put a window in there and etch it in. Have lots of red and lots of mesh, maybe try and put a rust and bloody effect on it all.

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    Dell of Doom

    hmmm i like the idea... maybe i'll have a small electrical arc going up between some mesh... like you see in sci fi movies and stuff ty for the idea

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    Dell of Doom

    hmm. look into those electrostatic generator balls that they sell, that might be good. That would look good with lots of bloody/rusted mesh though. maybe the front drive bays could be dismembered body parts? Who knows.

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    Dell of Doom

    Google 'jacobs ladder', I don't know how easy it would be to do without frying computer hardware but it would look cool.

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    Dell of Doom

    from my knowladge you would have to do that with a monitor has a guide on making a jacobs ladder out of an old monitor

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