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Thread: Shuttle SP35P2 - Project: Free Flow

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    Shuttle SP35P2 - Project: Free Flow

    Finally I get my a$$ over here...sheesh.

    I thought one of the first things I do on these forums is get everyone acquainted with my most recent case mod. I have always been a fan of small form factor systems but I started thinking one day that there's probably still a lot that could be done with a Shuttle system that I hadn't already seen. Here's the SP35P2 Pro as it existed before "the massacre" of 2009:

    Before much work was done with the case I decided that the stock chipset cooling wasn't going to be enough. I proceeded to hack up the included heatpipe system to leave the NB out of "the loop" in order to work in the Thermalright HR-05:

    After being relatively satisfied with the improved NB cooling I thought it was time to move onto the CPU. The problem with Shuttle systems is that many of them use a proprietary mounting hole arrangement to fit nothing but their included I.C.E. cooler. I was dead set on mounting my Thermalright Ultra-120 in the Shuttle though and had to come up with my own mounting hardware/plate to get the thing to's what came as a result:

    Once I felt I was done with the system cooling I started to move onto the chassis itself. My vision for "Free Flow" was to have the majority of the case exposed to open air in order to get by with very low RPM fans and overall a very quiet system. Here's a couple pictures taken after the initial cuts were made, all done by hand/Dremel:

    Now obviously if I'm thinking of free flowing air throughout the system there really isn't any option at this point but to fill in those gaping holes with some purty honeycomb mesh:

    At this point the only thing left to do was get the thing painted. I ended up using a nearby autobody shop for the high-gloss black finish and I must say, I was quite pleased with the result. Aside from the paint there was some additional cable management done as well as a replacement heatsink strapped onto the HD4870 to fit in with the rest of the internals. Here is what I'm left with after weeks of planning and measuring and countless hours spent cutting and improvising in the garage.

    All in all I'd like to say that the project was a success....mostly. Not more than 2 weeks after getting the system fully assembled I had the privilege of experiencing a PSU short that fried not only the HD4870 but the motherboard and power supply itself. For months now the Shuttle has sat in it's box waiting to be finished...I still had plans to sleeve the power supply and revamp things slightly but I'm not sure I can justify the replacement cost of the proprietary hardware from Shuttle. As one of my most planned and thought out case mods in awhile I'm still pleased and I always love looking back on these pictures, they're already having a large influence on my up and coming Lian-Li PC-7B rebuild that I hope to start work on soon.

    Thanks for sticking with me, excited to hear what the community thinks.

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    Shuttle SP35P2 - Project: Free Flow

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Wow that is a whole lot of stuff packed into that tiny case! The out come looks great and to bad that you had the troubles with the PSU shorting out.

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    Shuttle SP35P2 - Project: Free Flow

    I probably would have carried it forward but for now it's still in the original packaging in the basement until I can justify the amount that Shuttle wants for their motherboard/PSU.

    Can't wait to get going on the PC-7 I've had next to me for so long now...aiming for some things I have yet to see done to this thing.

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