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Thread: Why hello

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    Why hello

    Gotta say, the lack of posts here made me wary, but here goes anyway

    I'm an aspiring 3D animator, VFX artist, and custom computer assembler/modder from Ontario. I'm still in school, so I haven't gotten to do any of these things for real yet, but I do lots of 3D and VFX work in my spare time (just started with the actual computers a while ago after building my own custom computer, and decided just a few hours ago to mod it). I play World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Warhammer Online... all the games that make you uncool, pretty much xD

    I look forward to being a part of this site, especially to the day when I can start contributing - at the moment, my skill level is so rudimentary that I'll be a leech at best :P

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    Why hello

    Welcome and you are the first one to use this new section. I just created it about a week ago and I think most of the new people must have missed this.

    It is great to see that modding has struck something inside you and enjoy the new found hobby and friends!

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    Why hello

    "all the games that make you uncool, pretty much xD", to the best of my knowledge there exists no such animal ! Gamer & Modder? I think you've already elevated your "cool" status by coming here and you didn't even realize it .
    Welcome aboard PS!

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