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Thread: Idea for a Mod

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    Idea for a Mod

    I had an idea a while back for a mod (before I even knew it was called 'modding', actually) and dismissed it as crazy and impractical. However after seeing some of the featured mods and build logs around here, my idea is nowhere near as insane as half of you folks xD

    Basically, I wondered if I could build my computer directly into my desk. I have one of those fancy shmancy corner desks with drawers on one side and a cupboard on the other, I figured I could take out the shelves in the cupboard, cut the proper holes in the sides, and then start putting computer parts in.

    I'm not sure how this would affect things like cooling and overheating. It's a more open space, less confined than even a full tower, but while this would probably dissipate heat, it would also dissipate any cooling as well, so more fans would be called for. On top of that, if something went wrong and something started seriously overheating, there would always be the danger, however slight, that the desk could catch on fire (I'm not sure on that point. I know they can get hot, but I'm not sure if its anywhere near the ignition point of wood. Probably not, since I've seen some other wooden custom cases on here.).

    The pros would include:

    No tower taking up space
    Nearly impossible to run out of room or for a piece not to fit
    Not constrained by the case in designing future mods
    Just downright flippin' cool

    And the cons:

    More power needed for cooling
    Lots of work to adapt an existing desk cupboard for computer parts
    Parts would probably needed to be moved separate from the desk if I move

    I'm not sure if the resell value of the desk would be a pro or a con. Admittedly, fewer people would be interested in buying the desk, but I could end up getting much, much more for it when I decided to sell.

    Any thoughts on this? I hope I'm not just a deluded madman. Thanks in advance

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    Idea for a Mod These dudes have all your cabinet cooling needs, so that's relatively covered. They have 5v fans, so not too much power would be needed, honestly. Doing the work to make it work would be some work (yo, dawg). But it'd probably be easier to buy a desk new and in-box then work with the appropriate pieces while it's still in pieces or taking the desk apart. Other then that, it'd be template cutting, a few brackets and screws (depending on how you wanted it mounted). That sort of stuff. It's possible and as far as I'm concerned...go for it, if it's in your head and you got the confidence. Also, you could read through a few work logs for people who have already done this. It'll help give you a better idea on how-to.

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    Idea for a Mod

    You should check out this desk for ideas.

    Desk Mounted PC.

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