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Thread: [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    during the time of my visit in denmark I had lots of freetime,
    so im decided to create a complety new case.
    My plan was it to build two very big radiators inside it, so I looked in many different shops for watercooling and other case things.
    After some time I found a very huge radiator made from Phobya, a global company for watercooling. On this radiator you can build four 140mm fans, so it's a 560mm radiator.
    I decided to build two of them into one case... internal...
    After I installed Google Sketchup, I played a litte while with it and then I tested to build up a very basic sketch of my new case.
    I can't explain all things of it, so I only have some pictures from Sketchup for you.
    When you click on the pictures you will get a bigger picture.

    The case will have two floors, one for the PSU, the radiators and other stuff, the other one ist only for the motherboard/graphicscard.
    The walls of the bottom floor should be made out of aluminium, the walls and the lid of the second floor should be made of acrylic glass, so that you can see the main parts.

    I think I'm going to build the main frame of the case out of connect fillet and connectors out of the shop of

    I'm currently searching for sponsors, because it's a very expensive plan and since I am a pupil I can't actualy pay this much for it.

    When the first parts are here you get the new pictures of it.

    My first sponsor is, they decided to give me some parts of the watercooling, for example the two big radiators.

    Many thanks to Cougar for providing the Cougar SX 700 psu.

    When there are failures in my english, please write it here

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    WOW that is a very large radiator and you are going to use two of them! Will you be using one to cool the cpu and one to cool the gpu?

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    Can't wait to see how this turns out...freakishly close to one of the five ideas I've been mulling over. I might bow out and see what you do with the concept and focus on something else so the community has some variety.

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    No, Americanfreak i have only one Laing-DDC pump, so I can only build one circuit...

    Yeah, today the package from Aquatuning arrived here
    For a bigger look at the pictures, please click on them.

    What's inside this package?^^

    It's not complety visible

    And now all things which were in the package.

    This is the cover for one of the radiators

    See what's inside the package of the radiators.

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    So what fine thing arrived today? A pretty PSU of Cougar the Cougar SX700

    The opened package

    Looks very noble

    A huge number of cables

    Many thanks for the new PSU goes to Cougar

    I think I'm going to make new pictures when the PSU is going to find a place in the case, but this will take a while.

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    I think i let the pictures speak

    There are serveral things I have to do actualy, but It works basicaly

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

    Looks pretty cool!

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    [Casecon] 4x140 radiator X2

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