It is common knowledge that today's Intel Core i5 and i7 series of LGA 1156 CPU's are capable of achieving the 4GHz milestone. You should also know that to push past that milestone, and remain stable, you will need a high end motherboard designed specifically for that task. ECS EliteGroup have been around for many years but have never really been seen as an enthusiast brand. That may be about to change today, as Benchmark Reviews brings you the ECS P55H-AK Motherboard (P/N 89-206-Y66100), which is part of the Black Series offerings from ECS.

The P55H-AK is at the cutting edge of enthusiast PC technology offering support for USB 3.0 5.0Gb/s and SATA 6Gb/s at the same time as offering Tri-SLI / Tri-CrossFire @ 16/8/8. ECS has doubled up on support chips (2x Marvell SATA 6Gb/s controllers, 2x NEC USB 3.0 controllers and 2x Realtek Ethernet controllers) and has utilized a PLX PEX 8608 PCIe Gen 2 switch and an NVIDIA nForce 200 PCI-Express switch chip with an extra 32 PCIe lanes to bring support for all of these latest features on the P55 platform.

Cramming all of those technologies into one board is by no means cheap though, but if you want to futureproof yourself and have a decent overclocking platform, or maybe you have lots of cash to burn and you want one of the best looking / most feature rich P55 motherboard available, then you should definitely read on and discover what the ECS P55H-AK is capable of.

As is the norm at Benchmark Reviews, we overclock the ECS P55H-AK
to its limits and find out just what it is capable of achieving. Today we will be using an Intel Core i5 760 and a 4GB G.Skill RipJaws PC3-12800 CL9 RAM kit with the P55H-AK motherboard, and comparing it to a budget Gigabyte motherboard (GA-P55-US3L) and a previous generation Intel socket 775 Quad Core DDR2 system. Before we get into the brass tacks of this review, please scan through the following pages to learn the features and specifications of the ECS P55H-AK
Motherboard, and also get an in depth look at the board itself.

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