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Thread: The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

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    The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

    This is my Waterfall cooled Zenputer, its a msi p35 plantinum MB, 4 gigs corsair xms, Core 2 duo OC's to 3.2, Nvidia 9800 GT 1Gig ddr3 GC, Asus, duallayer burner, 80 barracuda HD, Thermaltake toughpower 850w, Thermaltake isgc fans. Thermaltake 850I watercooling & thermaltake digital temp readout.. I wish I had better hardware for this, but thuis was all i could scrounge for this one.... It is a mineralfall cooled computer... The pump in the main box pumps the oil up the back to a radiator where it cools it before heading down the waterfall once it reaches the bottom, it pours into the Thermaltake cpu watercooling block with a custom made oil catch on it, then it cools the CPU, the hot oil dumps back into the tank through a channel that takes the hot oil away from the motherboard, the accsess oil is diverted with the bambo, over to the north , south heatsink where it pours onto it and down on the ram cooling it.. I get about 30 - 50C temps 50 is under load playing games and kicking its butt, drops right back down when done playing...... I wood burnd all the designs, the japanese writing is, Love, Peace, Gaming, I also added a real bonzai tree which i have to water and cut, and a working sand garden for when fraging isint going ur way... please feel free to ask questions,, this is a new build and i know its gonna freak people out... HERE IS A SWEET VIDEO OF IT IN ACTION at PDXLAN

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    The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

    Welcome to the Forums!!

    That is a pretty cool idea on that mod!

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    The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

    Thank you sir... I wanted to show that mineral oil doesnt have to always be submerged, their are tons of awsome applications for it, with it being non conductive... It works awsome as a cooling fluid, I also wanted to show how simple it can be.

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    The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

    Waterfall... SAY WHAT :!: Man thats some intuitive thinking there, how'd ya think of that?
    What type of wood did you use? That back face plate looked like it was plywood but then the grain of the wood changed. Did you change out the whole piece or did you do something with it?

    Very unique case, i have never seen something so artistic in a design that even includes a real bonzi tree.

    [flash width=640 height=480][/flash]

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    The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

    The back started as ply wood as a moc up , the rest is oak... it was all going to be oak, but I cut the back plate on and didnt relize it wasnt oak until I attached it , so I ripped it back off and cut a new one with oak u can see a change in the cuts also if u look close., lol... It actualy came out goodwith the plywood. All three sections have to be sealed from eachother... the water for the bonai would ruin the sand and oil, the oil would kill the tree, and the sand would get ruined by both, so all sections have to be completely water tight.. including the tears for the waterfall.... I wanted to introduce a new cooling concept,. I thought of the oil fall a few months back, but it took a bit to complete the idea, after thinking about it , I decided to go with a japanese zen theme, to help promote the serenity of the waterfall, and what japanese waterfall is complete without a sand garden, rock garden and bonzai tree... it also has a buttonless cd rom drive( u just push on the wood in a certain spot and the cdrom drive opens),, and thermaltake digital readout that tells me the temp of the oil coming down the fall.

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    The Zencomputer Mineral Waterfall cooled Computer

    Fantastic! A truly unique mod. I shudder to think about getting sand in the oil though. Beware children and pets!

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