Thermaltake Element V case. On a 24v rechargable electric scooter stretched 11 inches, custome painted, With an Intel I-7 on a gigabyte p55 ud4p baord, 4 gigs of ram, GTS 250 graphics card, 3 raided harddrives in RAID 5, USB 3.0, Dual layer DVD burner Thermaltake TR2 1200 Watt power supply, and its water cooled witha Thermaltak Bigwater 850I kit. Yes it is ridable , its alot of fun. and pretty awsome gaming computer. Handle bars and seat and fender came off different scooters and were fitted to work. It has a working brake light, variable speed throttle, horn, front halogen headlight, L.E.D groud effects and working parking lamps, Working Keyd ignition, dual cup holders and working electric guages.

Here is the video for the first test ride before i had foot pegs,, lol