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    Aquarius Iz3d

    This is aquarius, its a MSI board, with a core2duo overclocked to 3.4 ghz, it has 4 gigs of corsair XMS DDR2 ram, 80 barracuda HD, Nvidia Geforce 9800gt 1gig DDR3 graphics card. The motherbard, powersupply and monitor are completly submerged, u can use the submerged or and external monitor. It holds 10 gallons of mineral oil, and is mineral oil cooled to the processer using a thermaltake 850I waterkit. The oil is pumped out of the tank to the radiator on top, where its cooled and sent down to the processer, it the dumps it back into the tank..
    World's First 3-D submerged computer.
    This is the first edition before it morphed into a 10 gallon monster I have also now added a submerged 165 intell SSD drive into it, so everything except the cdrom is submerged.

    Pdxlan 15 4th place winner Lan OC summer casemod 1stplace winner

    Then IT BECAME THIS!!!!

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    Aquarius Iz3d

    Totally submerged computer, now that's cool and the bottom part is wild. Is that a 3D monitor in mineral oil? When its all lit up, it just look sweet man!

    [flash width=640 height=480][/flash]

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