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    this is my personal rig,

    which is still a long way from the vision i hold for it. Ive been so busy the last few months Ive had no time to mod. Plus my work space had been temporarily converted into a storage area. Now most of the stuff has been cleared out and its time to get back to it. I haveproject n.v.g sitting on the floor right right now in need of a final coat of clear. I just picked a few things for that project and will be posting soon.

    now back to blu2bitz, several hours of have all ready been poured into this overclocked on air rig.

    Ok i got this case a while back for a few dollars it was a really good deal.

    Had a p3 board that got pulled. it came with 2 blue led fans that i kept. The fist thing i did was add a couple of neon lights and i built the first hd cage. This cage was scraped and replaced with a tool-less acrylic hd bay.

    Got to go for now, but I will get this worklog up to date soon.[I]

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    Next came the new board a gigbyte socket am2.

    i changed a couple of things with the psu.

    i have replaced both psu fans with blue led fans since this pic was taken.

    next i acquired the materials needed for the hd bay.

    and put it together

    the vent holes on the bay were kinda an after thought.

    a lot of leds are in this thing, along 2 mini neon tube, a 12" sound reactive neon, and a couple of led bars. so in came the junction box with 2 on/off switches to control the all but the fan lights.

    more to come soon....

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    the dvd drive had to match.

    i later added a blue mask over the white logos on the front of the drive

    adding lights and components.

    also painted the rear mobo panel.

    when i bought the case it had a little wear and tear. so before i added the blue board, i took it apart and buffed it out with some 1000-1500-2000 grain wet sand paper. then took the buffer to it with some headlight restorer and got it looking new. sorry i have no pics of the process.

    thanks for looking, more to come.

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    Swagga, excellent job on the blue paint, especially the DVD Drive. Is that the metallic Kryon blue?

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