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Thread: Cutting acrylic

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    Cutting acrylic

    I plan on making a clock out of acrylic (about three of them) and need advice on cutting acrylic, mostly circles, though. The site I plan on buying the clock inserts and acrylic from has these things called "Forstner" bits and the price is a bit higher then I want to pay for a bit I may only use for this project (about $12). And I'm wondering what would be a cheaper way to go about cutting circles in acrylic? Drilling guide/pilot holes that are at the diameter of the circle I need cut and using a jigsaw to cut the circle out? Or is there a better way to go about doing it?

    Any advice on cutting acrylics would be awesome, too.

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    Cutting acrylic

    3 questions...

    1- How thick is the plastic

    2-How big are the holes

    3- Will you be using a hand drill or drill press?

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    Cutting acrylic

    I was thinking I should post how thick it was, too. It'll be 1/4" thick. The holes will have a 1-7/8" diameter. And it'll be a hand drill.

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