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    New user.

    Hello, my name is Dennis Bradford. I am 27, and an avid modder! I am a registered user on bit tech, and the mod brothers, and post logs on those, and hopefully here, also! I have been modding for over 10 years, and enjoy doing it as a hobby, in my spare time. I have several work logs, that include;

    Project: Carbonix

    Project: Shadow Conspiracy

    I have also been on one of Bill Owen's Podcasts, for The Mod Brothers, which I am proud of! lol I have so many ideas in my head, that I never know where to start on the next mod... lol

    I am also an avid car builder, modifier, painter. So I kind of know my way around cars, as well as computers! What I like about both of them, is that you can never be too original, and they show who you are, as a person. I like to base my computer case mods off this theory, and I think it shows through very well! What else is there? I am sure I am missing something...

    Oh yeah, and I am a father, which I am more proud of, than anything! My family is number 1, no matter what! Modding comes second! I am also married, which is why my projects are kind of on the back burner, right now... lol Lack of time, due to work, and then trying to spend time with family creates an issue! I work part time, though it seems full time most weeks, as a resident assistant, at an assisted living facility! Which is a fancy name for a, "go'fer" and a, "do'fer" lol

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I am open to answering anything, that I haven't already said!

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    New user.

    Welcome to Modders-Inc! Enjoy your stay!

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    New user.

    Indeed welcome, there is always room for more modders. We would defiantly like to see worklogs of any mod you have done, and posted in the forums here, if you've took a look around you may have noticed some pretty sweet mods in the forums "worklogs" and the recent mod off with the admins of Modders-Inc in the Thermaltake contest. And Tazz the admin was on the cover of CPU mag for that Thermaltake mod off.
    Anyways enjoy your stay at Modders-Inc its defiantly brought some inspiration my way with all the people and mods.

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    New user.

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    We can't wait to see your projects and you lifestyle is like many of us here :-)
    Family must come first with modding a VERY close second... lol

    I think we all have some sort of project(s) in different stages of being done.

    We to have been on podcasts with bill and we have even been on our own podcast (check out the podcast page, link above forums)

    Hang out and chat with us!

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    New user.

    Welcome, glad to have you aboard here at the INC.

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    New user.

    Thanks for the welcomes! I do plan on posting some mods, as soon as I get started on them, again! lol I have so many mods going, that it is incredibly difficult to keep up with all of them! lol I think I have 5 right now...

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