We all have dreams and idea's about mods but some of the greatest ideas never actually get used or thought of again. This is a very sad thing, so I figured I would make this topic for ideas you may have now or had in the past but never got to build.

Share your ideas and thoughts about mods here or i should say... the ones your willing to give up and share, it'd be nice to see what everyone comes up with.

One of my ideas for a mod came to me when i saw the hot rod inspired rigs for the Thermaltake contest, which all that took part here at Modders-Inc with M-Is staff. My idea is not necessarily a "mod" but an effect to the case. My idea is... Using a Co2 tank that would be connected to a control valve which would work as a "blow off valve effect" coming out the side of the case, and of course using a remote to set it off
, Weather or not this would actually possible is another thing, but still cool idea "or so i think"

So thats my idea for a mod that i came up with, if you got one you want to share or maybe we can pry out of you.

Share your ideas!! :mrgreen: