All i can say is WOW! Just WOW .... this is THE breakout new show of the season, hands down!

There were a couple of "Zombie Bullsh!t" moments (I won't spoil them for you) but all in all, was very well written and acted on.

One scene actually had me in tears, and that has NEVER happened in a Zombie flick before!

I'm happy to say that they even went "off topic" from the comics, so (Even though I'm current on the comics) I actually have no idea what is going to happen!

Very well acted, great special effects, great set-up for episode # 2!

FYI .... I'm hearing the "leaked" version that you can find online isn't the full finished version! AMC says that the Oct. 31 season premier is 2 hours long, and the version i saw clocks in at just 1:07 .... so more goodness may be had after Halloween.

Check it out, you WILL NOT be disappointed!