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Thread: Well well.

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    Well well.

    Ha, anyone alive out there who has been around long enough to remember me?

    Got a new project in the works.

    A couple past works(along with tons more):

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    Well well.

    Yes I do but I dont remember that you are about 35 miles away from me in Tempe.

    Where ya been?

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    Well well.

    Indeed! In fact, Im just over in the east valley now, not far from Desert Ridge.

    After finishing my last project in 2005, I just didn't have the time for modding, but now that things have slowed down a bit, and after visiting Europe over the summer, I got the bug again I forgot how much I love this stuff, its been fun digging up all my old supplies. I hope to post a worklog here in the next couple weeks with the first phases of the new project! Using one of the new ION based mini-itx boards.

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    Well well.

    Aye, indeed! I do remember you!

    Great to see you around! The "old guard" is still active!

    We very much look forward to your log and learning from your techniques!

    "Welcome back to the party!"


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    Well well.

    Wow ... welcome back ATi

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    Well well.

    Check the log section for a new thread soon!

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