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Thread: The Modders Toolbox!

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    Once again one of our great members comes up with great idea and we would like to share it with you. Actually we need each and everyone of you to help us help others. Here is the idea...

    "Hi, I was just browsing the site when I noticed that in the "Modding Basics" tab at the top there was no kind of a "Modders Toolbox" area that could show the different tools used in modding and how they are commonly used. If something is here then I am sorry but I missed it where I thought it should be. Smile

    What I was thinking of was if someone was thinking about making a new hole in their computer case for a fan then they should be shown to use a hole saw for best results or maybe a jig saw then a dremel. I was thinking that it could be compiled with a list of what you want to accomplish and what tools you could use to do it or something along that line with links to another spot on your site telling you how to do it and with what tools.

    I have seen in work logs the same tools and concepts used over and over again so it is not like there will be a hundred sections for tools and uses but maybe 20 to 40 tools and about the same for the objectives. Smile

    Think of it this way, if someone said to themselves "I want to have my own mod workshop" or "I want to add a fan in my case where there isn't a hole for it" or "I want to cut acrylic for my mod", this is where they would click to understand all the tools they would have to get to be able to do that kind of mod. Of coarse the finer details such as painting and such would have more tools and breakdowns but you get the idea.

    As I said, if I missed it I am sorry and I apologize. If I didn't miss it then I think that you could create a post for this and ask for community help to post objectives and tools used to be compiled into a final form or something like that. You should be able to get some volunteers to finalize the project if you don't have the time to do so which is understandable as I am sure that some will be willing to help.

    My thought is that if I wanted to cut a hole in my computer for a fan or mod a computer in some way I should be able to go to a modding site and easily with a click of a button/link from a basic list of mod options such as " How to add a case fan where there wasn't one" see how to. You do have the "How To's" tab but that covers some objectives and not the basics for tools and basic how to's. Smile

    They don't have to have pictures showing you how to do these things but it would be a bonus if available.

    I think that will not only be a great feature to your site but will be a very big boom to new users and some old users alike and would put you above the other modding sites. Smile

    Tell me what you think.

    Vashant "

    What do I think? I think it is an awesome idea!!

    This is exactly the kind of thing we need to share with each other and the modding community. But to make it the best that we can we need your help! So if you have any suggestion on tools and how you use them then please post them here. Once we get a good amount of items listed we can turn it into a page with a link at the top of the site. I know we have the best people here and the ones that like to help each other so lets get this list started!

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    I'll go first.

    The best way to cut holes or get just about anything done is to have someone else do it. The end.

    I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Sort of. :P

    Since Vashant mentioned cutting holes I think it's safe to say that the "best" way is a hole saw used on the end of a drill. They make lots of sizes. But they will cost you a fair amount. If you are doing smaller holes you can use a "step drill". If you are lucky enough to have a good drill press then there are attachments you can use as well. They make boring bars that can adjust to different sizes.

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    I'll follow up with Electronics stuff.

    If you want to add LEDs to your computer, you need:

    Soldering Iron (electrical preferred) with small, replaceable tips.
    Ball of Brass curlies (my preference) -- used to clean the tip of the soldering iron
    Wet Sponge (cheaper than above)
    Wire Strippers -- I use the scissors on my leatherman tool as well as fingernails and purpose built tools
    Insulated wire -- I like 22 gauge solid core wire, but 18 gauge stranded works well too.
    Solder (rosin core) -- Thinner is better! (you buy by weight anyway, and thin solder is easier to work with)
    Heat Shrink tubing -- a variety of sizes is needed just buy a variety pack and restock when needed
    Lighter or heat gun -- matches work too, but I find lighters most convenient.

    LOTS of LEDs and Resistors. I stock both, but many people just buy when they need them.

    Stand -- most irons will come with some kind of stand for safety, but a nice one is only like $15
    Helping Hands -- mine cost $3, come with two alligator clips and a magnifying glass. Super helpful.
    Dedicated Wire Cutters -- Diagonal or flush cut pliers are nice, but the strippers usually work fine for this.

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    I cannot contribute but i just wanted to say that this is a great idea! going to keep following this thread.

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    I'm with razer on this, defiantly a great idea! :mrgreen:

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    You know, after re reading that again I thought about a few past mods and what I did, for instance creatin the dragon etch, the tool of choice was a dremel but really a slower powered battery one would have been better, am I right in thinking its things like this that we want to add?

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    That's the kind of stuff I would like to see in there.

    Would go under "Etching Your Case Window"

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    I can't offer much for the "how to and what to use" part since I am new to modding cases but some objectives I can think of that you guys could cover are:

    connecting metal parts (pop rivits or what not)

    Adding shapes and curves to case (bondo and such)

    Glues used for plastic or metals (preffered epoxy brands and such)

    smooth rough cut edges (kinds of files to use)

    painting (what kind of primers, paints and sand paper grit)

    cutting acrylic, holes and straight cuts (same as metal tools?)

    bending acrylic (heatguns or what not)

    attaching 2 peices of acrylic (what glues or epoxies)

    cable management (special kinds of clips out there or just use bread twist ties?)

    adding a case window (tools and extras such as u-channel molding)

    silencing your case (acoustic foam, rubber grommets and such)

    adding vinyl film (special kind usually used or just dollar store contact paper?)

    extending/shortining wires (twist and then tape or solder then use heat shrink tubing?)

    cut odd shapes in case (jigsaw, dremel, sharp butter knife?)

    adding vents (some kind of mesh over a hole, how to attach mesh?)

    adding toggle switches and other switches (cut hole with what, need soldering iron?)

    I'm sure you guys will think of many others but this is all I could come up with right now. Hope these will help.

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    The Modders Toolbox!


    Don't be afraid to add something, people won't laugh or criticize you if how you describe your use of tools is strange or weird, as long as it gets the job done that's all that matters. If someone wants to add to a certain technique that is already covered by someone else then that is OK, the more the merrier.

    If your NOT knowledgeable in the exact sizes of stuff that is OK. You could say that I use a such and such brand or kind of saw to do this and with any luck someone else could chime in and say to use the half inch blade at blah tpi kind of stuff for the specifics.

    Please, don't be shy.

    I'll even get it going more and give an example of someone adding on to me:

    For general cut's in thin steel such as a computer case or add on steel or metal for mods I use a jig saw. Seems to cut pretty good for straight lines and slight to medium curves though i'm not sure what kind of blade I am using as the writing is worn off...

    Hope this helps.

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    The Modders Toolbox!

    I thought i would throw BOBDBONE Idea of Conformal Coating Mobo's all credit goes to him and his great idea.

    Here is the link to his Blacked Out Soprano with his Conformal Coating motherboard mod.

    I also found a product that is quite similar to Conformal Coating but its called Liquid Tape - Electrical Insulation, you can use this stuff at -30 to 200F and will still be flexible. It seems to be some pretty neat stuff. Here are some more information on this product i found.

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