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Thread: Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Hey everyone, I was chosen as one of the top 4 designs, along with slipperyskip and jj_sky5000, to compete in Lenovo's Mod Contest! Here is my concept/idea:

    The Lenovo Sensei is an A700 IdeaCentre with a built-in HD projector underneath, creating an indispensable teaching aid that could replace the age-old dusty chalkboard. Having both components integrated together would enable the teacher to instruct his or her class more dynamically. Assignments could be projected onto a large screen or wall in front of the class. The teacher could run education software, play videos & DVDs, and keep track of all the students' progress, all in one compact unit. Think of it as the chalkboard of the future! Features include:

    * 23" widescreen LCD monitor with Touch Screen capability
    * Slot load blu ray drive
    * Integrated DLP projector 1280 x 800 Resolution
    * Hybrid laser/led technology, 3 low wattage power modes
    * HDMI connection between A700 and projector
    * Well-ventilated housing to keep system cool
    * Cabling kept to a minimum, with only power cords emerging out of unit
    * Buttons on projector relocated as well as other I/O ports to maintain functionality

    With everything that the all-in-one Lenovo A700 offers, paired with the detailed display capabilities of the DLP projector, the teaching possibilities are virtually endless!

    Here is the A700 set up on my desk. Came with wireless keyboard, mouse, and an air remote control.

    Removing the back panel, you can see the slot load blu ray drive and the computer cover.

    Taking the computer cover off reveals the hard drive enclosure and the motherboard. I was surprised to see a full-size drive and not an SSD.

    Here is the DLP projector I'll be integrating. It's a Casio A240. I chose it for it's low profile and energy efficient lighting system. It has 3 power modes: 270W (Eco Off) / 190W(Eco On Level 1) / 130W(Eco On Level 2)

    Rough placement of the projector, centering the lens with the A700.

    I'll take some measurements from here, and construct a cardboard template of the new base that will house both components. I've been doing some design mockups in Sketchup, so once I finalize that, I'll post up some preview pics.
    Thanks for looking, and good luck to the other modders!

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Dude...forget about it being a mod; this is an awesome idea! I think you need to protect this in some way as someone will steal this idea and make them.

    We just did our monthly meeting this morning with our crew of about 30 guys. We had to bring a large LCD TV, laptop and dvd player to show some information and videos. Luckily for us we have it available but with this it would have taken a whole 30 seconds instead the 20 minutes of setup.

    Good luck on the project!

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    This is a great idea.
    What do you think of their A700?
    I liked it so much I bought my own.

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Thanks Dewayne! Yeah, this combo unit would have numerous applications in addition to being a teacher's aid.

    This is a great idea.
    What do you think of their A700?
    I liked it so much I bought my own.
    Thanks Chris! I really like the functionality of the A700, especially the touch screen. The built-in camera and the included video effects provided hours of fun with the kids lol.

    I also like what you did with it. In fact your MD-5 project was one of the contributing factors in my choosing the A700 as the basis for my idea.

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Like AF said,
    You might want to think about a patent for your idea.
    The A700 might be a bit much for a portable version of your idea, but it is a great idea!
    I could see a real need for a portable version of the Sensei!
    This is why I love modding, real advancement of computing!
    Keep up the great work.
    I voted for you and slipperyskip!
    Good luck to both of you!

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Figuring out the internal cabling... The IO board on the Lenovo plugs into a slot on the motherboard and sticks straight up. This will not do at all, since the Sensei lies flat now, rendering the ports inaccessible from the bottom.

    Here is the connection between the IO board and the motherboard. As luck would have it, it's the same as a PCI-express x8 slot.

    So I managed to find a PCI-express x8 extension cable.

    With the extension cable, I can lay the IO board flat so I can plug in the hdmi cable directly in line with the projector. I would have liked to point all the ports towards the edge, regaining accessibility to everything, but then I have a problem getting the hdmi cable from there back in to the projector.

    So this way it will remain internal and go kinda sorta thusly..

    However, the full-size drive and it's bracket is in the way, so it will be replaced in favor of a more compact SSD.

    Now the IO board can lay even lower.

    As for all the other ports on the IO board, the only ones I will need to access besides the hdmi are the power and ethernet, for which I can conjure up extension cables and relocate to the sides. I won't be needing the cable jack, the composite video ports, or the hdmi in, and I can utilize the usb ports for some added internal drive space. They won't be missed since there are two additional usb ports on the side, along with eSATA, firewire, and memory card slot.

    Here's a quick cardboard mockup of the base I whipped up to get an idea of size and where the projector will be mounted.

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Video is up:[/video]]Lenovo Sensei Concept

    Gives an overall idea of the concept & functionality. Now back to building it!

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Great video and holy crap you should be in advertising because even though I have no need for that I really really want one now.

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Great video and holy crap you should be in advertising because even though I have no need for that I really really want one now.
    Actually, I AM in advertising lol. Audio/video production is my day-job.

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    Lenovo Sensei - Final Pics

    Wow, really, I hope this is an idea you can benefit from when it gets popular.
    This is truly a spectacular mod!

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