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    No_name II

    Hi people.
    Hire is some mine project.
    I am building case of wood.
    Size: 60 X 54 X 30 cm ( height, length, thickness )
    The colour of the case is black with orange details.
    Hire is some pics:
    Wood for the case( radiator, psu, pump , hdd will be at the lowest stage and mbo and reservoar will be upper )

    Back, left and right side


    Sleeve( 8 pin for gpu and mbo ) and radiator( I used something like carbon stickers ):

    With another hand of paint.
    Power buttons, parts which are going to cd, middle box:


    Back, front, upper part:

    Side page:

    Components which will use:
    Mbo: Asus p6t sw S1366
    Cpu: probably i7 920
    Ram: Kingston Hyperx 1600MHz 3GB
    Gpu: 280GTX
    +Water cooling.
    Thats all for now.

    Thanks to my sponsors:

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    No_name II

    Hello and Welcome to Modders-Inc!!

    It look like you have been hard at work already.

    What country do you call home?

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    No_name II

    Thanks, I am from Croatia ( Europe ).
    I have had a lot of work already, I am dooing it abaut 3 months( with breakes ).
    I have to put another hand of paint and screw down mbo tray and some little things, sleeve other cables, put orange lights, and set up water cooling and it will be over .

    Parts for water cooling:
    Pump swiftec Mcp 350+phobya top and mcp 355+Ek top( it will probably be only one 355 )
    Radiaror: Phobya G-Changer 360 and 240
    2X Enzotech for mosfet
    EK Water Blocks EK-Supreme HF
    Ek Nb block( I will drill the holes to fit on my mbo )
    Stock Bfg gpu block
    Masterkleer black tubing

    3X S flex 12cm
    5X Enermax T.B.Silence UCTB12

    Big thanks to my sponsors( they sponsored me with Phobya 240,mosfet blocks, tubing, fittings, one pump, and some little things ):

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    No_name II

    Is is almost done, I still have to put metal parts, I put 2 hands of paint.

    Some tries of engraving, I didnt decided yet will I engrave on the plexi, If I will it would be this picturelink

    Sorry for my bad English.

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    No_name II

    I put components in the case.

    First pic is my old Bfg block, I screw fitting too much and plexi cracked, next is Ek 280Gtx block adn cleaning.

    Sleeve under Uv light:

    The sponsorship packet arrived, big thanks to C. Schultze and Aqua Tuning team:

    Thats all for now, any comments?

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    No_name II

    Looks really good so far. What kind of wood did you use?

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    No_name II

    Excellent display of the wire sleeving under UV lighting! Great job on the lexan cutting too, the detailing is very nice.

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    No_name II

    shutterinfear- Thanks , I used full wood, spruce.
    sh4rkbyt3- Thanks.

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