Hey guys wanted to show you guys my new level 10 mod, ROGR, the Remote Operated Gaming Rig. It is wirelessly driven with dual 250W 12V motors,It has a p90 that wirelessley fires 200 rounds a minute (airsoft), Camera that is teatherd to a color 5 inch screen, and working robotic arm that holds a headset

It is a level 10 chassis with robotic arm that has five motors for movement it is fully operational arm ran by a tethered controller, I built it to hold my headset when I’m not gaming. The Intel camera is fully operational and also tethers to a 5”inch color LCD for driving around corners and seeing what the Rover see’s, the Airsoft P90 shoots 200 airsoft rounds a minute and is wired into the wireless controller so it can be shot remotely, the flashlight on the p90 is wired in as the hard drive light,. I added three missiles onto the side for taking out armored vehicles, The box the case is attached to houses 2 250W 15 amp motors ran by 2 12 volt rechargeable batteries and 2 12 volt intellispeed 12T modified controllers, that then run to a receive that wirelessly receive the commands from my DX5E controller. Each track is separately controlled and has custom axles and gearing. The paint is a camo paint job I then took maple leaves and ferns and covered the case and frosted it with a light tan to give it a full camo look, I finished it off with a clear coat.. IT does drive remotely and fire the p90 remotely , although I’m still learning to drive as I have to formal tank driving classes..its kinda hard.

and here is a link to the worklog