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Thread: Level 10 casemod

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    Level 10 casemod

    Hey guys wanted to show you guys my new level 10 mod, ROGR, the Remote Operated Gaming Rig. It is wirelessly driven with dual 250W 12V motors,It has a p90 that wirelessley fires 200 rounds a minute (airsoft), Camera that is teatherd to a color 5 inch screen, and working robotic arm that holds a headset

    It is a level 10 chassis with robotic arm that has five motors for movement it is fully operational arm ran by a tethered controller, I built it to hold my headset when I’m not gaming. The Intel camera is fully operational and also tethers to a 5”inch color LCD for driving around corners and seeing what the Rover see’s, the Airsoft P90 shoots 200 airsoft rounds a minute and is wired into the wireless controller so it can be shot remotely, the flashlight on the p90 is wired in as the hard drive light,. I added three missiles onto the side for taking out armored vehicles, The box the case is attached to houses 2 250W 15 amp motors ran by 2 12 volt rechargeable batteries and 2 12 volt intellispeed 12T modified controllers, that then run to a receive that wirelessly receive the commands from my DX5E controller. Each track is separately controlled and has custom axles and gearing. The paint is a camo paint job I then took maple leaves and ferns and covered the case and frosted it with a light tan to give it a full camo look, I finished it off with a clear coat.. IT does drive remotely and fire the p90 remotely , although I’m still learning to drive as I have to formal tank driving classes..its kinda hard.

    and here is a link to the worklog

    [video width=400 height=350] [/video]

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    Level 10 casemod

    Awesome job!

    I think I saw a video or two on this one working. Can you provide some links for us?

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    Level 10 casemod

    I tried to add video but it wont take so here are the youtube links, tracks arent done when this was taken, was still working out bugs..[/video]]Level 10 youtube video link 1[/video]]Level 10 youtube video link 2

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