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    Zen Computer

    This is my Waterfall cooled Zenputer, its a msi p35 plantinum MB, 4 gigs corsair xms, Core 2 duo OC's to 3.2, Nvidia 9800 GT 1Gig ddr3 GC, Asus, duallayer burner, 80 barracuda HD, Thermaltake 850I watercooling & thermaltake digital temp readout.. It is a mineralfall cooled computer... The pump in the main box pumps the oil up the back to a radiator where it cools it before heading down the waterfall once it reaches the bottom, it pours into the Thermaltake cpu watercooling block with a custom made oil catch on it, then it cools the CPU, the hot oil dumps back into the tank through a channel that takes the hot oil away from the motherboard, the accsess oil is diverted with the bambo, over to the north , south heatsink where it pours onto it and down on the ram cooling it.. I get about 30 - 50C temps 50 is under load playing games and kicking its butt, drops right back down when done playing...... I wood burnd all the designs, the japanese writing is, Love, Peace, Gaming, I also added a real bonzai tree which i have to water and cut, and a working sand garden for when fraging isint going ur way... please feel free to ask questions,, this is a new build and i know its gonna freak people out... im getting the pics together in the next few days..

    Here is a cool video of it in action

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    Zen Computer

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