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Thread: Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Hello folks. Longtime lurker, nothing like a contest to get the posts flowing!

    Anyway, my sad story.

    I have no rig

    All I've got is an overheating Dell XPS that doesn't let me play anything at any res. I have been gaming at the local cafe since June, except for when my flatmates let me use their laptops.

    So, Satan Claus, let me put $100 towards a small gaming rig, so I can get back to gaming and hopefully some modding as well.

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Well here is my sob story. I have started and never completed almost every computer project I have even thought of. I started with an old emachines pc that was my first learning curve on ordering hardware and painting. After several painful phone calls with tiger direct I finally gave up and settled with my geforce 4 mx440 (that should date it a little bit for you) for a tad bit of extra money. After my paint flaked and fell off that piece ended up in the trash. next was a server that got painted osha pink and never put back together. then several linux builds and then a lap top project that never came to fruition. Now I have my current build that although it is a little old on the hardware side is the first project to come so close yet be so far from a complete mod. It started as a budget build on a pencil thin budget and has now come to be my first over clock, water cooled cpu, and now full water loop that is a tragic mess. The main issue circling me like the sharks is the fact that I need a case. With a case I could make this my first truly handbuilt casemod dream. It will also let me migrate my server out of the beige box nightmare it is in now to my current fugly black tower so that I can finally use my server for its true purpose. No sob story, no begging, just me asking for the chance to actually complete a mod that is not finally being stopped by my laziness or inability.

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Don't believe me about the Thinkpad? See the CPU-Z validation.

    Here's the image, for the lazy.

    So you're wanting to put the money towards a new lappy or what?
    Aha, put the money into making my main rig somewhat functional! xD

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    I have a tale of happiness and also as a result, woe. Two years ago the other half and myself had a baby. Yay for us! all was good in the world, except my budget for building went on nappies and stuff. Fast forward a bit, and we had an 18 month child and I got cash for Christmas, I held off on the build as the other half was pregnant again, (insert witty comment about keeping legs crossed etc) Anyway, I used the money for a new rig on a deposit for a bigger car, my 2 door Seat ibiza was too small, so we bought a zafira. Happy days, started saving again, got engaged, used money for venue deposit. Car clutch broke, cue expensive repair bill. I was so fed up with my ancient socket 478 rig that I could not game on. I bought an AMD 555 cpu thinking I can unlock to 4 cores, but can only get 3, a shiny new mobo and 2gb of ram for around 150. Happy days. I then bought a copy of Left4Dead 2 on ebay, that I got stung on cos it had been used. I am stuck on a 15" TFT 1024 x 768 resolution, an x800gto that cant play titles, so I bought an "untested" 8800gtx on ebay, it also doesn't work.
    So with a wedding planned for 18 months time and no spare cash as saving for a wedding and having 2 young kids my gaming and modding is looking to be taking a back seat. All I want to do is play a couple of games, I am also thinking of trying my hand at water cooling, so may be off to the local scrappy soon,

    hmmmm what goodies can I buy for 100 bucks, TFT or GPU, or water cooling gear....
    Please throw some luck my way TheGreatSatan

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Hi, most of you here know me, for those that don't I am fairly new to modding and am currently building the rattle snake mod for my fathers Christmas gift which is running on time (updates soon).

    His story:

    My father has always been the strongest man I know physically and mentally and has always been my mentor and friend. Recently he has developed a disease called neuropathy on top of his diabetes which has permanently put him in a wheel chair as the neuropathy in his legs/feet affect the nerves and such making him unable to walk on his own or drive a car. Due to this he relies on the computer to pass time and connect to people he loves through the internet to reach out and touch someones life by a simple well thought email or a forwarded message to all those he loves. His computer is about 11 or 12 years old and is extremely slow which is why I am building him this custom computer for christmas. This way he can still reach out and touch peoples life's the best he can without having to wait forever on a slow old computer.

    My plea to you:

    I have the parts I need for a basic build but with that money I will be able to install a solid state drive in his new computer so he can reach out to the people he loves and bless our lives with his words, thoughts and wisdom the best he can without being limited by slow technology.



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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Whoever wins the gift card may not be the only winner. There's a lot of stuff I have laying around that could so easily help out many of you.

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!


    Thank you for your generosity and this opportunity.

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Long time lurker first time poster from the old Bit-tech

    My story starts as one of joy and soon follows dissapointment

    It was around 2 years ago december 10th when i was asked to choose what i wanted for christmas the budget was tight but i had managed to save my own money the list was simple a case powersupply and optical drives to start the ball rolling

    then disaster struck family presents and bills mean't i was struck into debt! i had nothing to myself and was then sent into dissapointment having nothing but a few games for dread i say it... PLAYSTATION!
    6 months later my birthday was on the horizon after patiently waiting it was finally time to get the ball rolling for my build.

    I had already bought memory and a motherboard in preperation! what i did'nt know is the company i bought the motherboard from false advertised it as in stock and after many complaints i finally got my money back to go on more bills!

    Little did i know parents had other plans and i was handed a piece of cardboard with the number of a driving instructor on 5 lessons was what i had gotten this however was a good present only started a frenzy of uncontrollable problems mass debt of tests and insurance 1 year later i passed my test after over £800 spent, and it was time to get a car again having very little money of my own i was forced to take a loan from family, Insurance was hitting me hardest at £3000 annually and a car bill of £1450

    I managed to find a job and sacrificed 95% of my summer holiday working it off i was exhausted and by the end of it i was'nt that close, disaster stuck a second time when my beloved laptop died i was suprised to find my family replacing it only to hand me a further bill of £440

    Now today im stuck without the gaming ability i love from my pc on a debt of £2200 the future looks bleak for a new pc anytime soon and could mean another summer gone

    All i wanted was a few items to get started now im sitting 2 years later with only ram to call a new build

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Thanks Satan. Christmas coming early then to some lucky people perhaps. Thanks foe sharing the wealth.

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    Satan Claus is Coming to Town!!

    Insurance was hitting me hardest at £3000 annually
    8O 0-0 8O 0-0 8O 0-0 8O 0-0

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