Hi. I just picked up 3 older functioning servers- one of which I want to convert to a WHS (Windows Home Server) to replace my very aging Dell 8100.

It's got a 2.8ghx Xeon processor (with another space for a second), dual PS, etc- pretty nifty machine. Thing is, I need some huge space- I'd ideally like to start with (2) 2tb HD's running in non-RAID, and add them as I need them- BUT I want to stay away from the integrated RAID altogether- I'd rather slap in 6 SATA drives (they slide right into the hot-swap SAS box) and monitor drive health myself- those SAS drives get too expensive for me to afford.

Given that, anyone have any idea of whether this is possible? (installing WHS on this machine on a single 2tb HD, and add drives as $ permits) and if so, any hints or advice?

Or for that matter, with the knowledge that is out there- is this possible? I know the benefits of RAID, but WHS isn't really a prime candidate for this- especially because I want to fill 5 of the six bays with non-RAID drives, with a huge addtl. HD ready to go waiting in my desk drawer to migrate data if one gets flaky- WHS console makes it pretty easy to handle without all of the redundant expensive hardware constantly running.

Anyone out there able to help me?

Thanks in advance.