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Thread: Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    I've been looking forward to modding the Array R2 I reviewed HERE

    Although the Array R2 caters to a specific market (Home NAS systems), I would love to see it revised for a broader market of ITX PC consumers. The overall construction and finish of the R2 is exceptional. Internal could be re-designed with better accessibility and ease of installation, but that would compromise it’s huge storage space capacity. Fractal informed me that they do have plans in 2011 to split the HD cage in two, one half will be removable to accommodate larger video cards. They’re also considering the idea of enlarging the chassis to fit a full size ATX PSU and combine steel and aluminum into the case construction, to help lower the retail price.

    * Excellent construction and finish
    * Supports six 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ SSD
    * Quiet OEM fan (could use higher CFM rating)
    * 300W PSU quiet & efficient (80plus)

    * No Front USB or HD activity LED
    * High Price, $169.99
    * No U.S. Retailer….yet
    * Ease of access to the front filter and Motherboard

    Once completely emptied, you can see the Array’s potential for a custom project. It would be feasible to fabricate a custom HD cage for two 2.5″ SDD or 3.5″ drives, positioned on their sides between the fan and ITX motherboard, and install a dual slot graphics card, measuring up to 12″ long. Plenty of space for dual water cooling loop for a CPU and GPU and 240 Radiator in the side.

    295 GTX

    Step 1.
    Use 400 grit sandpaper to prep the aluminum surface,

    Step 2.
    Remove all of the dirt and dust from the surface with a Tack cloth.

    Step 3.

    Cover the backside of all panels with 3M Scotch Green 233+ masking tape, or similar "Low Tack" tape to avoid getting over spray on the backside. It will peel off without leaving any sticky residue. Most Auto Body Supply Stores should stock this tape. Otherwise it’s readily available online. It has a premium price, but performs the best for most case modding applications.

    Step 4.

    I used SEM brand Black "Self etching primer for bare metal surfaces. Use this Paint in a ventilated area and Always Wear Respirator Mask!

    Step 5.

    After the primer has cured for 1 hour, I apply 3 - 4 light coats of Plastikote Blue Metal Flake, Lacquer #311

    Warning: Combining Lacquer and Enamel paints or clear coats can lead to lifting or cracking in the paint, depending upon paint brand. Always test the paints on something else first for compatibility before painting your project. I didn't experience any of these issues with Plastikote paints I used for this project.

    Step 6." alt="" />
    After Blue Metal Flake #311 has cured for 1 hour, I applied 3 - 4 light costs of Plastikote Engine Clear Enamel #229. Allow the final coat of Clear to cure for at least 24 hours before handling the pieces.

    ARRRRRGH! ...........I don't wanna give this case up now..

    I finally got to use the Copper Pop Rivets!

    Most Computer Chassis will accept 1/8” diameter Pop rivets, Gripe range .092" - .125" for Computers.

    The Micro Billet feet are purfect!

    GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 LGA 1156 Intel H55 Motherboard for this build.

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    Beautiful paint job!!! The Micro Billet feet are perfect for this build too. Great choice of mobo too, small form factor AND HDMI included. Way cool with 2 USB 3.0 ports and the eSata port as well. Everything you could want in half the size .

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    Blue and copper is a win-win combo, looking good Bill!

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    Looking good in blue Bill. Almost my hotrod color

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    Love that paint job.

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    That is such a pretty blue. I mean that in a manly way of course.

    This will be on my most watched list for sure.

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    Case Mod Project: Fractal Design Array R2 ITX

    That's the blue I used back when I did R2. What CPU are you using?

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    A great*exchange of information.

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