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Thread: Hmmm should I?

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    Hmmm should I?

    My neighbor is thinking of upgrading to a better computer soon and giving me his current one except for the sound and video card (as well as the new 120mm fan he just got for it)

    The thing is, its a 5 year old Gateway (it can run alot of the newer games and well Im not sure if I should buy that or wait 4 weeks to get some extra money in the bank and buying either a newer Gateway (model FX510S) or something else

    Also just a little note... if the price for the computer is over 60$ a month I wont be able to afford it

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    Hmmm should I?

    Well thats a tough ? without knowing the cost differences between the options and your situation.

    Is this going to be your first computer of your own, or you just looking at adding to the collection?

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    Hmmm should I?

    Get the rig... save your money and buy yourself the one you want....

    Use this one as your case mod fodder!

    No brainer!!!

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    Hmmm should I?

    Well if you were making a collection i would but... if your lookin to get a computer for some decent gamin and what not, build your own for sure. All the big name companies rip you off so bad its not even funny. Not to mention they use propriety parts.

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    Hmmm should I?

    build it . it be better and faster

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    Hmmm should I?

    Let an old man tell you sometihing and this is from my life experience...

    Get what you want and DO NOT settle for second best. If you do you will only regret it later.

    Do NOT get in over you head in debt for #1.

    Save your money, yes it sucks, yes it seems like it takes forever, but the final out come will be well worth it!

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    Hmmm should I?

    I would have to agree with AmericanFreak on this one, dont finance a computer. Technology evolves to fast to still be paying top doller for it a year or 2 down the road. Save your money, How much do you have right now? I would be more than happy to help you configure a system on newegg or another site that fits your budget, as long as you or someone that you know feels comfortable putting it together. Plus I kind of doubt a 5 year old gateway can run newer games, and if hes taking the video and sound cards (two of the most expensive parts in some computers) then your going to have to put quite a bit of cash into that old rig anyhow. So answer a couple questions for us

    How much money do you want to spend?
    How much money do you have right now?
    How much money are you getting each month/when will you have the money you need?
    What games do you play?
    What other hardware demanding things do you do on the computer? (video editing or 3d graphics?)

    I know I can help you set up a decent budget computer and I guarantee most the guys here on the forums could also put in their input to help you out so let us know!

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    Hmmm should I?

    I would build my own but I got a new girlfriend and they got me working full time now (that means 8-8) and whenever im not at work im either, sleeping eating ect and hanging out with my girl and if shes out with friends then I go over and help the neighbor out since they watch my house and provide me with things that go boom.

    Anyways thanks for responding I just wanted to see what everyones thought wa

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    Hmmm should I?

    oOoh things that go boom eh?

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    Hmmm should I?

    yup this year I got a few 4 inch mortar's (fireworks) that im setting off.

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