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Thread: AND it Begins!!!! Fascism on the way?

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    AND it Begins!!!! Fascism on the way?

    "Without any need for COICA, ICE has just seized the domain of a BitTorrent meta-search engine.

    While complex, it’s still possible for U.S. authorities and copyright groups to point at a fully-fledged BitTorrent site with a tracker and say “that’s an infringing site.” When one looks at a site which hosts torrents but operates no tracker, the finger pointing becomes quite a bit more difficult.

    When a site has no tracker, carries no torrents, lists no copyright works unless someone searches for them and responds just like Google , accusing it of infringement becomes somewhat of a minefield – unless you’re ICE Homeland Security Investigations that is.

    This morning, visitors to the site are greeted with an ominous graphic which indicates that ICE have seized the site’s domain.

    “My domain has been seized without any previous complaint or notice from any court!” the exasperated owner of Torrent-Finder told TorrentFreak this morning.

    “I firstly had DNS downtime. While I was contacting GoDaddy I noticed the DNS had changed. Godaddy had no idea what was going on and until now they do not understand the situation and they say it was totally from ICANN,” he explained.

    Aside from the fact that domains are being seized seemingly at will, there is a very serious problem with the action against Torrent-Finder. Not only does the site not host or even link to any torrents whatsoever, it actually only returns searches through embedded iframes which display other sites that are not under the control of the Torrent-Finder owner."

    I don't know about you, but the fact the U.S. Government, can shut your site down, when you HAVEN'T violated any laws (it's just a search engine) WITHOUT due process ... scares the hell out of me! 8O 8O 8O

    We're already being told that the TSA can basically sexually assault you "in order to protect you" now Homeland Security (WTF HOMELAND SECURITY .... Were terrorist using this search engine?) can now shut down websites without notice.... i guess to protect us as well.

    Get ready for more of your freedoms to be questioned i guess .... in order to protect you???!!!!?

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    AND it Begins!!!! Fascism on the way?

    That's sad. I think I've heard of this happening, torrent search sites are getting cracked down upon. I guess until big business can get back it's strangle hold on media filtering we will have to be at the whim of political wills. Google/Bing/Etc. can search for torrents for you as well, but they won't take that away. They might be able to legislate filtering them out, or the better idea would be to make their OWN torrent search sites that only search for public domain stuff, if that is possible.

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    AND it Begins!!!! Fascism on the way?

    Here's an update, and it's not just torrent sites. Funny that Hillary Clinton lambasted China on internet censorship this year, as well as president Obama in a United nations address. :?

    Guess it's "Do as we say, not as we do?" :roll:

    "Torrent-Finder remains operational through another URL,, so feel free to check it out for yourself. The layouts of the sites it searches are clearly visible in the results shown.

    Yesterday we reported that the domain of hiphop site RapGodFathers had been seized and today we can reveal that they are not on their own. Two other music sites in the same field – and – have fallen to the same fate. But ICE activities don’t end there.

    Several other domains also appear to have been seized including,,,,,, and

    All seized sites point to the same message.

    Domain seizures coming under the much debated ‘censorship bill’ COICA? Who needs it?

    Update: Below is an longer list of domains that were apparently seized. Most of the sites relate to counterfeit goods. We assume that the authorities had a proper warrant for these sites (as they had for RapGodFathers yesterday), but were unable to confirm this.

    Update: A spokeswoman for ICE confirmed the seizures in the following statement. “ICE office of Homeland Security Investigations executed court-ordered seizure warrants against a number of domain names. As this is an ongoing investigation, there are no additional details available at this time.”"

    List is expected to grow ........... :cry:

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    AND it Begins!!!! Fascism on the way?

    I guess by "Homeland Security" they mean "Capitalism/Economy Security". This just makes it so the person has to buy authentic/original/CD's/DVD's/games instead of getting a pirated or bootleg version of it. Just means we'll have to spend more money to get the things we want. And in turn, spend taxes to that go to keeping these people in office and whatnot. It's more about the money than it is about Homeland Security, so I don't quite understand why it's Homeland Security doing it and not the FCC or something of that nature. I can understand them closing down tracker sites since those walk a fine line of legality but knockoff sites from other countries or whatever, I cannot. Is the next step to that shutting down or stopping generic brands? Will they start searching through stores, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist to ensure that no one is selling bootleg or knockoff on there?

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    AND it Begins!!!! Fascism on the way?

    What's most disturbing is the Internet as a whole is OWNED by no one, especially any specific country. That's why it has grown as much and as well as it has. Now we will begin to see the backslide of the development as countries begin to take hold of what's permissable content.

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