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Thread: My god my city sucks.

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    My god my city sucks.

    Hi people, I was just listening to the local news and come to find out there was 6 shootings where I live here in Syracuse NY last weekend alone. One of them took the life of a 20 month old baby which got caught in the crossfire. :evil:

    That doesn't count the smaller stuff like stabbings and such but damn....6 shootings in 2 days!

    I normally don't post anything about my local area here but Holly Shit! 6 shootings in one weekend! That's a bit much.

    Anyone else here live in just as crappy of a city or worse crime wise or am I the only unlucky one?

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    My god my city sucks.

    It is about the same where ever you go nowadays. I pretty much stopped watching the local news as it seems the first 5-10 minutes are about shootings, stabbings and other deaths.

    What makes it even worse is the holidays. People get depressed, drink more and have fights with family members or neighbors.

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    My god my city sucks.

    Hi, sorry about my last post as I was tired and annoyed. Although now that I think of it, did the 20 month old baby make national news? Any of you here about it on your local news?

    I only ask because incidents involving babies or young kids sometimes goes national.

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    My god my city sucks.

    I'm near Seattle but I didn't hear about it.

    Although, I try to shy away from the news. It's so depressing.

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