A rambling, grappling piece of art, the 16-minute short film The Tribeuses the Barbie doll to prompt a visit to 21st-centuryyour baby can read dvd Jewish identity and its long-persecuted, ever-fluxist forebears. Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain’s agenda is both unassuming and prodding. prison break dvd According to “The Guide from the Perplexed,” the film’s accompanying handbook, “The Barbie doll’s complex history serve[s] as an ideal metaphor for opening charmed dvd up a discussion about Jewish identity.”The Tribe, which premiered at 2006’s Sundance Film Festival and recently showed at the Tribeca Film Festival, is alternately snappy and straight-faced.Speaking recently to Venus Zine, true blood dvd producer-director Shlain laid out her reasoning for using Barbie to explore pop and historical culture.