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Thread: Wiring a PC side panel mounted fan:

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    Wiring a PC side panel mounted fan:

    I have installed a 120mm fan in the windowed side panel of my CM690 II Advanced case and I am always removing that side panel to fiddle with or swap out some internal part. What is the best method any of you have found to install the wiring for a door fan that allows you to remove the side panel without ripping the wiring out of the fan header.

    I seem to remember seeing somewhere a setup where the fan electrical contact was made up of one part mounted on the door and the other part fixed on the case at the panel/case junction so when the door was in place the electrical connection was completed and broken when the panel was removed, but I can't seem to find any reference to it anywhere online. I hope that description is clear enough to explain what I'm talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wiring a PC side panel mounted fan:

    What you are describing is was basically like a set of contact points. That was part of a case that a manufacture made, but I do not remember which one it was. The only issue what that is you might short out the two points and cause a problem.

    What would be better is that you make a female/male plug set up. Put the female plug on the case and the male one on the door. This way you can not short out the one with the power.

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    Wiring a PC side panel mounted fan:

    I saw something like what you and AF is referring to , it used a (white) phone jack

    ... wonder if I still have pics or a link ?

    I used two fan lead extensions and left just enough slack to allow me to push one side into the other (it was at mid case at the top, cross case , this allows me to put the side panel up to the computer and plug it in)

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    Wiring a PC side panel mounted fan:

    AF & DB, you guys make a good team! Thanks for the ideas. I've put together several computers over the last few years, but never had one with a fan in the left panel before. I know everyone who has a fan in the left panel must deal with this issue, but I've never really seen much discussion of how people deal with it. Since I am constantly removing that panel to tinker with my rigs' components, I need to devise a solution for this new build. Thanks for the quick replies and the good ideas.

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    Wiring a PC side panel mounted fan:

    Someone (Tech?) used the 3.5mm audio checks and set those up for fans, that'd be one option. Male on the door and female on the case, mount them tightly to where they go and you got it set up. If they're lined up and your in no rush, you might be able to just push the case in and have it plug up. If not, could still use the 3.5mm and do what DB was talking about and just leave slack to make it easy.

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