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Thread: Call of Duty: Bunny Edition

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    Call of Duty: Bunny Edition

    Warning, contains animated violence and adult language!

    "This sweet compilation video is made from IDA Entertainment's Cat Sh*t One. Now sit back and watch these bunnies kick some ass." 8-)

    that was cool... did a bit of hunting and found the full 23min ep in 720p with english subs...

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    Call of Duty: Bunny Edition

    YouTube has removed the video What happened to "Fair Use?"



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    Call of Duty: Bunny Edition

    The first file is just a sample, without English subtitles. The Hotfile link is the entire episode, WITH English subtitles and is still up (for now). :wink:

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    Call of Duty: Bunny Edition

    Yeah, that little movie is pretty awesome. And it's kind of funny since Apocalypse Meow (the spin-off from where Cat Sh!t One came from) is based in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War while the while the spin-off is in the Middle East (kind of a reverse from what CoD did --- released Middle East first than Vietnam). Still a great video.

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