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Thread: Hard Drive Window - Say Whaaaat!

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    Hard Drive Window - Say Whaaaat!

    My idea already done, i'm sure some of you have thought of something pretty sweet then shortly after you find out its already been done. Well this one i thought of and lo and behold its been done.

    Pretty sweet none the less...
    Here's the modded out HDD

    I found a few sites with other modders doing the same but i like the way this guys does his mod. The Link

    This is the same mod but different modder The alternative site

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    Hard Drive Window - Say Whaaaat!

    I remember a lot of guys doing this in the late 90's and early 2000's but there seemed to be a problem with the life of the hdd's after they did this. It seemed to be a pretty repetative result too across the whole spectrum of different mfg drives and sizes. Have things changed as this would be a cool mod especially with some frosted looking images?

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