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Thread: A little Christmas present for myself.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    So i came to conclusion that this is was the gift i wanted for my self so i went down and bought one today.
    Its not bad for $30 bucks i can tell you that, I will write a review for when i'm done testing this bad boy out

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Nice gift to yourself. I have to get another one soon as mine is a pain in the arse to use, the button on it that holds the shaft still to change the tips is broke and now I can only use it if the button faces downward or it will lock into place and seize everything up. :lol:

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Funny timing that you posted this. On Thursday (before Christmas) I was finishing up the build for my son's new computer and Christmas present. I was using 4 of the (black) knurled feet I purchased from MNPCTECH in my old Antec 900 case when I realized I'd have to cut the screws for the feet to allow for the PSU to be installed. As luck would have it I pulled out my trust Dremel 300 and cut the first screw, got halfway through the second screw and it began to sound as if a bearing had spun, ugh. It was dead, so I immediately ran down to a very large chain building supply store and upgraded to the Dremel 4000 model.
    In short order with my buddy Joe, we had the build about 75% done that evening. It was finalized on Christmas morning at 12:00 noon and presented at 1:00pm. My son was ecstatic to say the least!

    I'm not sure about the quality of your MasterCraft as I've never heard of them but that doesn't mean anything either. I do love the fact they included (for free) the attachable wand for one handed operations which is a huge bonus considering Dremel charges you about $35 for it. For $30 I don't think you went wrong at all even if you only get a year out of it. On average I've found Dremel's to last about 1-2 years with average to heavy use. Great find for that cost and I'm sure you'll get plenty of enjoyment out of it as I know most of us would be lost without our Dremels or other variable speed grinding tools.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Awe man that would of been a bummer to have that happen right be for Christmas!!

    Vashant thats gotta be a pain, maybe you'll do the same and treat yourself to a new toy. (Lol... I did)

    As for the rotary tool its from Canadian Tire outlet, this is there name brand "MasterCraft" aka: "MasterCrap" (laughs)
    I can't really say the name implies any truth as they offer 3 Year Warranty with the rotary tool and there sockets and that come with a Life Time Warranty, if it breaks bring it in (with even no receipt) and they will exchange it no questions asked.
    And as for reviews go, on there site it has over 4/5 stars with more then 5 reviews so i figured why not.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Heck with the warranty ( I noticed "limited&#34 and the fact they're willing to exchange, you're absolutely ahead of the game.

    Vashant if yours is a Dremel or Craftsman you can get a replacement collet to fix that. Another brand (roto-zip) uses a flip button that removes the need to even hold the shaft at all to replace the tips.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    I will have to look into that as mine is a Sears Craftsman. Gonna have to call them to see what my options are.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Vashant just to let you know i posted your Rattle Snake Computer in my blog. I absolutely had too. (The link)

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Sweet, thanks.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    Vashant I believe the Craftsman model is actually made by Dremel and relabeled. The replacement collets are available at any major home and hardware type store.

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    A little Christmas present for myself.

    cool, I will check it out this weekend when I have some money.

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