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    Built my own the last 8 times....but have never modded one.

    been lookin at Mod's in CPU mag for years.

    I'm 66 , just a surfer and gamer(WoW)
    got to old for NASCAR after 10 years racin on line in leagues.Couldnt keep up.


    i have a coolmaster HAF
    ASUS Rampage lll

    2x465's in SLi

    980x CPU

    a gillion gig of HDD's.24g DDR

    win7 ulimate

    luv 'putin' :mrgreen:

    my first computer was an Amiga 4000 wish i still had it !!!

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    Welcome to Modders-Inc!!

    Hey you are just a bit more "polished" in age than me, 47, but as you know computers and fun know no age limits :-)

    Are you going to the xtremesystems party?

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    A very special "welcome" to you Mr. Gas.
    I wish you still had your Amiga 4000 as well since they've become so rare. I too am a fellow Commodore enthusiast dating back to the Vic 20 and C64 era .
    The HAF would be a great case to create your first mod with!
    With 24 Gb of DDR it's too bad it can't mod itself lol.
    Any ideas on a theme or anything that you're interested in for the mod?

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    Welcome to Modders-Inc , Mr Gas !

    We have a really good bunch here

    - besides, now I wont be the that "old guy"any more at 55

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