As a new year has begun it is time to think of what you want to get done during the year.

Here are mine and in not any particular order...

1- Take better care of myself
2- Balance my work load better between home, work, MI
3- Enjoy time off of work for ME... this has been very rare the last few years
4- Get a new car
5- More How -To features on Modders-Inc - hopefully some of you might like to help on the one.
6- Work more on the Youtube channel and facebook stuff for Modders-Inc
7- Work smarter for Modders-Inc. Make it better than ever.
9- Work on products review output for Modders-Inc
10- Enjoy the company of all my friends from all over and to make more time for them.

I think I could write a few more, but I think 10 is enough for now :-)

So what are yours!