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Thread: The Modders Prayer.

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    The Modders Prayer.

    Something I just wrote and I hope you all will like.

    The Modders Prayer:

    Oh modding father who art in heaven,

    let custom be thy name.

    Allow my ideas to be many,

    and my resources to be plenty.

    Allow my paint to not run or bubble,

    let my dremmel run smooth with no trouble.

    Allow my fans to cool with no sound,

    while the blades keep spinning around.

    Allow my psu to power all in sight,

    without giving off smoke, spark or fright.

    Let my video card shine through the day,

    running great every game I tend to play.

    Give me steady and stable hard drives,

    so I don't have to restore my files from the archives.

    Allow my motherboard to never fry and die,

    and leave to the great component god in the sky.

    Allow my ram to be fast and quick,

    and have the fans keep cool every stick.

    Allow my cpu to easily overclock,

    and always run smooth and strong like a rock.

    Let my mods be done on time,

    showing great detail whether large or fine.

    Hear my prayer and let this be,

    for all the computers I build under thee.



    written by Brian Arnold

    (aka Vashant)


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    The Modders Prayer.

    Wow, 18 days and not even 1 comment... tough crowd.

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    The Modders Prayer.

    Lol sorry I missed this one. Been burning up the folding@home stats and getting ready for a customer build. I definitely like it! Cool, concise and to the point!

    Let the modding gods here our prayer lol.

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    The Modders Prayer.

    Amen to that!

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